My challenge as an entrepreneur (27) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I can call this one the voyages of an entrepreneur and I am sure many other young entrepreneurs would have experienced the same thing. Except for those who have some big leverages to start with, you sure would be able to identify with this one. On several occasions in the city of Ago-iwoye, if you know that town in Ijebu North Local Government of Ogun State, I have had cause to walk from a place called Ita-Merin to Igan road and then to the campus area of Olabisi Onabanjo University.
One of my highly revered friends, Oyinkansola Alabi, who was staying behind on campus at that time because she was retained as the campus pastor of Springs of Life Fellowship, wanted my service and I had to go over to see her. She was staying in Lecturers’ quarters, Awa, Oru at that time and I was staying in Ago-Iwoye. When she sent her message I was actually walking down to Ita-Merin from Igan road so as soo as I got her message I just took one of the things I was going to need in her place and started another walk from Ago-Iwoye to Awa, another town within the local government just to do business.
There was a day I needed to get some materials for my audio production and printer from the computer village in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. I had enough cash to go down but there would be no cash to come back but I had a choice. What did I do? Business must continue so I went on to the village to get the things I wanted to get. When I had gotten all the things I wanted to get I started walking from Ikeja to Ojota. I really do not know the distance but I might just get someone to tell me the distance so that I can tell you later.
I needed to travel one morning but I did not have any cash to travel. It was an important journey so all I could do was to visit Pneuma Bookstore, one of the book stores that sell my materials. I did not even have enough cash to move from my house to where Pneuma Bookstore is located so I did something very simple. If I was to go by a bus I would have boarded a bus from Mile 12 to Ojota and then go on a bike from Ojota to Ikosi road in Ikeja. Since there was no money I had to trek from Mile 12 to Ketu Bus stop. From Ketu bus stop I turned right and walked straight down so that I could use a pedestrian bridge connecting Ketu to Ikeja. When I was climing the bridge I was in ketu but by the time I was climing the bridge I was already in Ikeja. What a wonderful bridge! The bridge I am talking about is very close to Seven Up bottling company and Pneuma Book Store is on the street behind Seven Up so I patiently walked down through the street.
Getting to the book store was a great relief but I had a shocker-in-waiting when I got to the book store! The security guys told me that the bookstore was not going to open, for that day, until it was 12pm. When I looked at my wrist watch it was barely 9am! I was not going to be allowed to stay in the premises without a purpose so I had to walk out of the premises back to Mobolaji Johnson Avenue, where Seven Up is located. I walked the length of Mobolaji Johnson Avenue and connected with some other streets whose names have I cannot remember but I was headed for the Elephant Cement House which was on a street behind Lagos Television in Ikeja.
The voyage within the Elephant House was another issue. I wanted to see Mr. Debo Abodunrin of CMOE consulting. I left his complimentary card at home but I remember he said the office was on the fourth floor of wing F. The security guy at the door misled me. I was in the backyard but I was thinking it was wing F. I moved round the whole complex from first floor to about the sixth floor. I walked from door to door but did not see any name. Unfortunately the number of the man was on the card that I left at home. The endless search took my time until it was 12pm so I walked from Elephant House back to Pneuma Book Store on Ikosi road. The store had finally opened when I got there and was glad to see that they had sold some of my CDs so I gladly walked up the Mr. Kunmi, the Manager of the store. When I finished talking I realized he couldn’t help. Yes they are my CDs but I did not inform him that I was going to come for some cash. So he gave me a date that was a about two weeks away from the day I went to the store. Again, I began another walk back to Seven Up so that I could use the Pedestrian bridge connecting Ikeja to ketu. I continued from Ketu to Mile 12 and then to Agiliti where I had my first office. I have done series of walking. I only mentioned some.


  1. Sounds like you’ve got some challenges, but it sounds like your enthusiastic about overcoming them. It’s so cool that I can be in New York reading about your voyage as a young entrepreneur.

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