My challenge as an entrepreneur (28) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Rejection is a consistent road bloc in the journey of any entrepreneur and our responses to the rejection will simply reveal who we are. Some people withdraw into self-pity after the rejection and the aggressive nature of some people comes out as a result of the rejection. I am not usually surprised when I see young or old entrepreneurs fighting the receptionists or fighting the security guys just to see the “man-in-charge.” Some of the receptionists or the security guys are simply wicked and they sometimes ask the kind of questions that dummies will not ask you so I do not know what name to call them though I do not wish to call them names.
Unfortunately it infuriates me more because I am in the field of Human Capacity Building so I wonder why people employ some misfits into their organizations. The word “misfit” in this context is appropriate because anyone who works with you and has not been trained in the ethics of your business especially the way your visitors should be treated would start out on a plan of action to ruin your business. So many business people think they are making money but if they are aware of how many millions and billions are being turned back from their receptions then they would realize they are not making any money.
I remember walking into a computer manufacturing company with an idea to be sold to the company. I told the receptionist I wanted to talk to the Marketing Manager and the receptionist was asking, “what for?” If the receptionists will take questions on behalf of the Marketing Manager then the Marketing Manager is useless! I gave a hint on why I needed to see the Marketing Manager and the young lady proceeded to ask me some other foolish questions. I kept calm but I was furious within. I felt like lashing out at her because if she knows the definition of business and if she had read her employment letter then she would understand that it is not her job to “sieve” people who come into the organization. A lot of us are like the proverbial books that should not be judged by the cover. Some people have met me and are really surprised by my real personality. Sometimes I look too small compared to the capacity of the person they have heard about so when they are looking for me they expect to see a tall guy with a broad chest always dressed in suit.
People should always have it in mind that there are some of us who do not have identity crisis so we can wear anything and still know so well who we are. I do not need a suit to tell me who I am and I don’t have to wear what everybody wears so that I can be accepted in the society. I want to go to places where I am accepted just the way I am and not where I have to dress to look like someone else.
In some other offices where they don’t seem to look at what I wear, they just collect the letters brought to them and file the letters. The letters sometimes never get to the appropriate quarters. Let me warn you if you are involved in this kind of act in your office. You cannot hinder the progress of others and keep progressing. If you want someone to be stuck on one spot, most times you would have to be there to keep the person on that spot. You will stay down to keep people down! The way up is to let people go up! I have had to make several phone calls consistently to follow up some proposals but you often find out that the people in charge are doing nothing about the proposals but they keep assuring you that they are doing something about it. After some time their phone lines become inaccessible. Out of every ten people you meet, you may find only one acceptance but it is not a reason to stop. I had to keep at it and I kept learning. Rejection can be discouraging but it does equip your inner man from time to time.

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