My challenge as an entrepreneur (29) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are two business rules you must not violate. The first is to put your passion before your profession and the second is to professionalize your passion. Simply put, these two rules can be rephrased to mean that you must only build a business around your passion and take your passion as a serious business. And understanding of this rule helped me in some of my challenges.
Keeping streams of income because of cash flow is one of the issues a lot of business people will get involved with but unfortunately a lot of business people will lose their focus because they want to keep their cash flow by increasing streams of income. Don’t let me go too far with words and forget the real issues. When some business people see that the sales of a product is skyrocketing, they drop whatever they initially chose to sell and they go for the new product with skyrocketing sales. At the end of the day too many people who should not be in a field get into the field and make that business reach its peak faster than it should. According to the law of diminishing returns, that business then begins to go down sooner than expected. At this time all the people who have rushed into it begin to rush out of it.
Sometimes this happens because so many business people do not have a plan of action. They simply want to go into business and the truth is that some of the people who want to go into business do not really know what they want to sell. They only want to sell whatever is selling. They don’t have anything they have sat down to think about so that they can present it to the market in a unique manner.
When sachet water business started in Nigeria one could easily begin to imagine where all the people who started the business used to be and you definitely would ask what they were doing before the business came into the scene. Some other people who were rendering some other vital services to the community left what they were doing when motorcycles started offering commercial services in towns. Again, where all these people used to be is an issue and the more important thing is what were they doing before? I have been tempted to go into a number of things as well so I understand what some of these people are going through.
So many people have come to me with some Multi-Level Marketing schemes and you can see some of them talking almost aggressively about the programmes. I looked at some of them an simply kept quiet. Initially I was being diplomatic about turning these people down but when I realized that they were going talk me out of my focus I became straightforward with them. sometimes I was blunt. A lot of these guys who have gone into marketing are people who should have their own products but they do not have the patience to sit down with their brain child and make it work. They are more concerned about cash flow and streams of income instead of sticking to what they are cut out for. you may succeed in some other things but never as much as you would have if you are doing what you are cut out for.
When people try to talk me into marketing a product right now I just show them my series of audio and video CDs, my books and other products. “I have enough products to market,” I now say to them so that they don’t talk me into what they think I can do. So many people have been talked into what their friends think they can do and not what they should be doing.

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