My challenge as an entrepreneur (3) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Despite the literary caging that did not allow me to get out in the most slippery times to learn my lessons early enough, I always found a way to do some of the things that I wanted to do but it was painful to me that there were limits because of parental control. When internet came on board I could do some of the things I wanted to do on the internet but the challenge was that I did everything with my allowance and after doing things with my allowance I really needed to go out to get results but the hindrance always came when I needed to go out for results. I remember being invited to a number of meetings but I was never allowed to go for those meetings. I wanted to work for free in some places but my dad never allowed me to work for free. My intention to work for free was really to learn everything that I could learn because I had known early enough where I was going. Since I had known where I was going I did not want to waste time. There were times I was practically annoyed with my dad and he knew it but he taught he was helping me by being protective.
Despite these restrictions that didn’t allow me do the things I really wanted to do, one other thing that got on my nerves was that my dad would see other young people on TV and would begin to compare me with those on TV. He would ask me to look at my colleagues and see what they were doing but he never admitted that he did not allow me go all out for the things I wanted to do. Also remember wanting to work in a radio station even when I was already in the university but he denied me that opportunity. The only thing the radio station wanted from me was a letter from the university I attended. I had presented the letter and the only thing that was left was to be fixed in a department in the radio house. I was to resume work the following Monday but my parents said they were only going to use my and just let me go without any reward.
Parents in so many places do not allow their children to enjoy a lifetime opportunity simply because they after money. They worked all their lives for money and would not want their children do anything without money. One thing I have come to realize is that so many of our parents, if they were not strictly working for money, would have gained a lot more than money was giving to them. This mentality was being passed on to me but something in me was so strong – like an immunity against such mentality – that would not allow me take everything they said about money hook, line and sinker.
That same radio station where I had been given the privilege to work for free is now proving a little hard to get. My challenge was not to get a job. If it was about a job, I have more than enough in my hands. I have so many titles in my library that I need to churn out. I have so many undelivered lectures on human capacity building so my problem was not the job. I know where I am going so the reason I wanted to work for free was to get a mental leverage through the knowledge that would be gathered while working for others. I think one of the challenges I had with my parents was that they did not understand the importance of building a profile. I was building a profile for the places I wanted to go into. I needed a profile to be able to forge ahead with some things. I also had it on my mind that nobody was going to ask me how much I have been paid for whatever experiences I had gathered. When I got into the university, outside of my father’s full view though my university was just one hour thirty minutes drive away from home, I took up a secret job.
… to be continued.

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