My challenge as an entrepreneur (30) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Placing priority over perfection rather than starting something is one great challenge that critics will make you face and if you listen to them well enough you will soon pack up because you will forget that it is important to start in a crude manner instead of waiting till it can be done perfectly.
I studied Mass Communication in the university and I majored in Public Relations in the last two years of study. While searching the internet one day about the history of telephones I realized that the telephone was an accident. Read what I found out :
Bell had built an experimental telegraph, which began to function strangely one day because a part had come loose. The accident gave Bell insight into how voices could be reproduced at a distance, and he constructed a transmitter and a receiver…
If you read that paragraph clearly then you would see that even the telegraph that they had built was an experimental telegraph. If they had not built and experimental telegraph they would not have invented the telephone that you and I enjoy today.
One evening I was trying to sell copies of CDs to a group of friends but there was a new person among them who did not know me before that day. He collected the CDs and all he could do was complain about some things that needed to be done. He complained about the graphics that even a blind man can feel and say this is excellent for a start. When I examined him I realized that he was not even doing anything in business line so lashed him intelligently and walked away. Please not that I did not abuse. All the friends at that time were students of law. I had been told initially that when a lawyer knows he cannot win a case he sometimes resorts to adding some nuisance value to the issue to confuse every other person. When I said that to him his fellow law students pitied him.
Some other people pick up my first and second books but they don’t see anything positive. All they see is what is not right about what you have done. I look at them and wonder what planet they came from. Unfortunately those who will condemn your works the most are those who have not attempted anything huge enough to be called a task. Some of them have not succeeded at half of what you have done. When you make bold to ask them questions about what they are doing you will realize that they are the kind of people who will tell you they are waiting for the right time or the perfect time. Some of them claim to be waiting for enough resources but they will heckle those who have done something.
Let me boldly say that it is mediocrity or the fear of failure that makes some people do nothing and still claim to be waiting for the right time. What I advocate is to start what you have to in whatever way you can but keep improving on what you do. Sam Adeyemi is a speaker that I revere and he has a taste for quality in book production. One day when I visited a friend of mine who was student chaplain in Covenant University, Shade Oduekun, one out of a set of triplets who sister, Fehintola Oduekun was Senior Prefect girl when I was Senior Prefect boy in Mayflower School, I was shocked to see one of the first prints of Sam Adeyemi’s books. It was a copy of “The Parable of Dollars.” I simply could not match the packaging of that book with the Sam Adeyemi I now know. He started from somewhere and kept improving.
Ibukun Awosika, the CEO of the Chair centre, will tell you to start anyhow! She said she started her office from an uncompleted building and her instruments were those of the carpenters whose services she asked for. I have not said you should not do things well but make sure you start and keep improving. The automobiles should be a good example for us all. Many of us cannot imagine that the cars we admired 30 years ago are the same cars we ridicule today. Go on the internet and see the first models of automobiles. Start anyhow, keep improving but don’t pack up because of perfectionists. Some of them will not buy your products even if you improve on them so develop hypertension because of some jobless people?

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