My challenge as an entrepreneur (31) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Meeting people is one important thing that will help your business and I am sure you already know that by now. What I am not sure you know about is the fact that some of the challenges you are facing are supposed to bring you towards some of the people that you need. There are some challenges that will get you closer to some people and there some challenges that are meant to get you away from some of the people you really need. You have to be discerning and know when to keep going on and when not to.
I have met a few people who are now very good friends and some are like very good mothers or brotherly figures in my life but I would not have met some of these people if I decided to sit at home and not take up challenges. Your refusal to take challenges will stop you from meeting some of the people you need to meet.
One day a young man walked up to me and simply said, ‘you are Fola Daniel.’ I wondered how he got to know because I know that he knows my name but does not know me in person. He told me it was just intuition. He said he was able to match my name with some of the things he already heard about me when he saw me. This young man I am talking about is Joshua Ajayi, publisher of ‘The Communicator.’ He told me about a meeting that was supposed to be holding at the Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos. I had every reason not to go for the meeting because I did not have enough cash. By now getting the cash needed to go for a meeting at all cost was not a new thing for me so I got the required cash and went for the meeting. While waiting in line to get into the hall, I overheard a young lady with an American accent who was making a phone call.
At a time the organizers of the programme were not attending to the people waiting to get into the hall so those of us outside got talking and I met this young lady who turned out to be a Nigerian who had lived nearly all her life in America. She was taken there as an infant. A few minutes later be had become very good friends and were walking together all over the place. What interested me was that she had just returned to the country and she was not looking for a job. She started her company called EPO designs. EPO was from her name (Elizabeth Pelumi Olubiyi). One of the concepts of her company is to specifically work on logos. We walked into an exhibition hall and she asked me to talk about some logos. She would ask me to forget the names and tell her what I think the logos represent without the name. if the logos and the names don’t match then we would walk up to the guys exhibiting that their company needed to change their logo. It was not just about branding because I am into branding. It was about talking without too many words.
Later in the afternoon Elizabeth invited me for a show in the City Mall, opposite the Muson Centre. If she hadn’t gone there I would never have gone there that day. Her invitation to me opened up some things in my business. As I entered the City Mall all I could see was opportunities. A bookstore in City Mall now sells my books and CDs, I have been a part of a TV recording severally and I have gotten some great books from there just because I met Elizabeth that I may not have met if I sat at home because of money constraints. Daring your challenges will bring some right people your way!

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