My challenge as an entrepreneur (32) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

How I met Dr. (Mrs.) Nkiru Danjuma was also an interesting experience for me and after meeting her I said to myself that the price paid was worth it. During the 2007 edition of Nigeria International Model United Nations’ Conference held at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, I met a young man from Covenant University who introduced himself as Toni Nathaniel.
This young man happens to be an interesting fellow as well and those who have met him will agree because he has some blunt views with some issues and maybe like some of us, he is a workaholic on the computer. I am also guilty of that crime. One of the things that attracted the two of us was the way I spoke during the conference and some of the views I shared. On his part I think it was the fact that he was the leader of the delegation from Covenant University and he did a great job with the performances of the university.
Just before the conference was concluded the atmosphere was getting tensed because of people who had suddenly become friends under a week and were already dreading missing one another. As for Toni and I, we only taught about impacting others so he promised to invite me to speak in a meeting. In January of 2008 I got his invitation to address a group of Engineering students who were proceeding on industrial attachement for six months. The meeting was to hold in the library of Covenant University and he had invited Bose Dipeolu (my co-delegate from Olabisi Onabanjo University), Sola Wilton Waddell (our fellow ambassador from Lagos State University), Johnson Abally who is into human resource and Dr. (Mrs.) Nkiru Danjuma who at the time had been invited by Bihsop David Oyedepo along with some other people to sit in the board overseeing Covenant University.
A few days to the meeting which was to stretch over the first weekend in February, I was still thinking about how to get money. I was going to be there for days and would have to feed myself and coming back home was going to be another issue. I had a choice. It was my personal assistant in Edible Pen at that time, Jumoke Okelola, that gave me a loan to be able to make that meeting. Sometimes during challenges when I need to collect money, I always see beyond the money because I have never seen myself in a future where I was collecting loans from everywhere. I have only seen myself in a future where I am giving out money. And don’t forget that I already had products that could sell and cover for what I had collected. I went to the meeting with some of my CDs so that I would sell and return the loan that had taken me there.
Dr. Danjuma was the first to speak during the meeting and she was fantastic. She spoke, first with the touch of a mother and then with the aura of feminity crowned by her proficiency in the legal profession. She caught my attention when she mentioned her affiliation with Chief Kehinde Sofola because I am from the same town with Sofola. When I finished my speech she stood and was waiting for me to return to the platform after which she shook my hands and said, ‘that was well said.’ She gave the speakers an open invitation to talk to her later that night at the Guest House in the University.
She practically became more interesting in every minute we, the speakers and a few others, spent with her. That was where she told us the story about scaling through cancer. Dr. Danjuma is very healthy and active and she works several hours. I do not know of too many women working like she does but you will not imagine that cancer nearly killed.
I took her as a mother and I have benefited immensely from her vast experience as a lawyer. I talk to her before taking some vital decisions and sometimes I just slow down after talking to her.
Money could have hindered a great relationship like this but remember that I borrowed money to be in the meeting where I met her. She is one of my several mums and with everyone has come a challenge. Now I now that challenges bring people your way if you do not succumb to those challenges. I could have missed out!

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