My challenge as an entrepreneur (33) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

While going through challenges you will always admit that the challenges are worth the stress if you sit down to take stock of the lessons you have learnt and more importantly, the people you have met.
I have a picture in my office that was taken along with Senator (Dr.) Jubril Martins Kuye, Professor Afolabi Soyode and Prince Bola Ajibola, a member of the international court of justice and founder of Crescent University. I have another one taken with Professor Odutola Osilesi and with Mr. Chika Nwaozuzu, former Special Adviser to Swedish Ambassador. One question that people keep asking me is, ‘how did you meet these people?’
My answer is that challenges took me to the people who have their contacts and I met them but always have it in mind that I was ready to face those challenges so I can say that I would not have met some of them at all if I had given in to challenges. Your vision will require that you meet some people but the truth is that it will not be the size of the vision that will bring them your way. Your refusal to give in to challenges while trying to accomplish what you set out to do is what will open the doors of these people.
Let it be known to you that big visions do not open the doors of men who once had very big visions. You need guts and you must have been tested with odds because they know that every Tom, Dick and Harry can have a big vision.
Meeting with Joe C. David, author of ‘Be Your Own Boss,’ and some other books was also as a result of challenges and this happened on 27th of May 2008. 23rd of May was my birthday so I wanted to celebrate it by giving out to people some of the things I had learnt. I later taught about fixing a meeting for 27th of May which was children’s day. The hall I wanted to use was booked so I had to change my date to 29th which was Democracy day in Nigeria. I was going to teach on Writing Business Proposal and I had billed the participants. I wanted some of the proceeds of the meeting to go to an orphanage.
When I got to the venue of the meeting some people were using the hall so I had to wait for them to pack before I start setting up. As soon as they finished I started setting up for our meeting. Some of the people I had expected were not in the meeting yet so I did a lot myself. Joe C. David, the organizer of the meeting that was going on before I came in was seated in a corner and was watching. He later called me to ask a few questions. I remember he said that what I charged was too small for that kind of a meeting I was organizing. He simply was saying that I was giving out so much for so little. I had prepared for about sixty people but only about ten people showed up. Some out of the ten were also crew members and we did not start the meeting as scheduled because I could not talk to empty hall. By the time we finished the meeting the owners of the hall were waiting to collect extra money for the extra time so all the money collected that day from the few participants was used to pay for extra time. My consolation for that day was in meeting Joe C. David and through his meeting I have met so many other relevant people.

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