My challenge as an entrepreneur (34) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have always talked about some of the things I go through and I enjoy talking about them not because I just want you to know what I am going through but because I want these things to strengthen some people and let them know that there are no challenges or temptations that are exceptional because somebody you probably admire has definitely gone through his challenges and his still going through some challenges.


You have heard me talk about my challenges regarding computer systems or maybe you read in previous series about those challenges. This time I want to share another challenge with one of my laptops.


When I started I really needed to be able to move my computer system about so that I can work from anywhere. I didn’t even have the money to buy a laptop though I had products that I could sell to make up for the laptop but I thought it was going to be a very long time if I was going to wait for the sales of products alone to be able to buy a laptop. What did I do? I had a belief and still do that God can do anything so when I got to my office on 15th of September 2008 I decided to set a deadline for when I wanted the laptop. My deadline was 31st December 2008. While setting the deadline I had a specification in mind. I knew the configuration of the laptop that I wanted but was not bent on a brand though I have a preference for HP products.


I also thought that it was not compulsory to buy a brand new laptop. Be careful here and let me explain why I was not bent on a brand new one. I calculated the amount for a brand new one and thought it would be nice if I bought a used laptop so that the remaining money would be used to buy some other products needed in the office. The price of a new laptop in come cases can buy two new ones so I was thinking about maximizing profit. For example, I wanted a printed that had a scanner and a photocopier, I wanted a laminating machine and I wanted a spiral binding machine. The money for a new laptop can buy a used laptop and all the other things that I listed. All these other items would then generate the money for the brand new laptop. That was the entrepreneurial thinking then.


Two weeks after setting my deadline I was praying in my office one morning and after praying I heard a voice that said, ‘it is done.’ I did not know exactly what was done but I claimed that word for several things that I had on my deadline list for December 31st 2008. By the close of work that day I was called upon and was offered the money for a laptop. I could not believe that it was happening faster than I had planned. The following day could barely wait. I had to rush to my brother-in-law’s office so that we could go to the computer village to buy my laptop. I went with him because he also has a good knowledge of computers and we would combine knowledge to judge a good system. we went round for hours because we did not get what we wanted immediately and the moment we got one it was ready to work almost instantly.


Two weeks after buying my laptop it developed a fault. Please note that this is one in a million cases except if the people you are dealing with a dubious. I took it to the guys who sold the laptop to me because it was barely up to two weeks and I was expecting that warranty would cover for it. They looked at it and knew they had an issue on hand.


What got me mad was that they called an engineer who told them what it would cost to fix the laptop and they were telling me we would share the cost of fixing the laptop. I was furious! I had just bought I laptop that has not spent two weeks with me and you are asking me to share the cost of fixing the laptop. One of the guys became a little nasty by saying that it was working when they gave it to me so the only thing they can do is that I should return the laptop to its former condition at sales and that they would refund my money. That drove me crazy but I knew so well that people who do businesses like that don’t prosper because the blessings from the people you are dealing with will help your business. I walked out of their store and I had to fix my laptop myself. You are going to deal with people who are going to appear nice when collecting your money but you will see their real colours when there are issues. Don’t just do business with anybody especially for delicate products where there are no warranties given over products sold. It is dangerous.

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