My challenge as an entrepreneur (35) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is good to have a father who thinks. It is good to have a father who plans the future. It is good to have a father who prepares for the destinies of his children. There were certain things my father did intentionally or unintentionally but those things are paying off for his children today.


Delayed gratification was one of the secrets of my father. I remember that he had been using a Volkswagen beetle car ever before I could pronounce the word ‘daddy’ very well. He did not stop using this same vehicle until after about seventeen (17) years. All through those periods he could have saved his money to buy a car but he was putting his money into real estate. There were people who were mocking him because of his car. They were ignorantly judging him by the kind of car he rode but they did not know what he was putting in stock for himself and for his children. Unfortunately some of the people who were abusing my dad for his kind of car were people who did not have houses of their own to live in. some of them were living in rented apartments and other were living in government offices because they were government officials. Others were top officials in some big companies and they had official houses to live. They did not think that one day they would have to live those houses they were living in and would have to look for their own.


When some of these big guys come to our house they just do not seem to believe what they see. They can’t imagine that the same man who goes about in an old fashion Volkswagen beetle lives comfortable in a large four bedroom flat with ground and top floor and a BQ with two bedroom flat in ground and top floor. He also had a gate house attached to the building and he was getting good rent form these flats rented by other people in the community.


My dad was an Estate Surveyor and Valuer so he knew and appreciated the value of investments in real estates. At the back of the four bedroom flat on the ground floor were two adjourning rooms that were not originally part of the plans, so I think. Daddy always had a foresight, by the way it was his special gift, for things that could happen and the materials needed to prepare for them.


After his real estate started bringing in some money he finally changed his car just to save the stress that the previous car was giving him. He did not buy the car because of pressure. When I was to start out formally it was one of the adjourning rooms of the ground floor that I eventually used as my office.


Look at this contrast. My room is 17 feet long and 15 feet wide. I sleep in a large bed that comfortably sits two mattresses. I was reasonably comfortable and did very little work at home yet I had to move into an office that was 8 feet long and 6 feet wide because of a vision compare the difference between my office and my room! The office I started with used to be a machine room. That was where my mum used to package small nylons for sale at her leisure.  I had been eying that place for a start up but I had some other places in mind. I would need funds if I wanted those other places and I would need to pay for furniture. I would also have to employ someone who would stay there during work hours. While considering all of these, I kept thinking about a smaller way to do the things that really needed to be done. While thinking about how to do things in a small way I woke up one morning with fire in my bones. I walked straight to my mother and asked her when she was going to remove her machine from that room. She also had a large deep freezer in that room which she was using to make ice. She said she would remove them when I was ready. Before she returned from work that day I had removed her machine and her deep freezer.


All the bags I brought back from the university were bags that contained potential office materials. I unpacked my bags and moved everything that could fit into an office into that small office. All the journals I had collected over the years and all the books that I had bought over the years were all great office materials for me. There was no money to buy anything new so all I did was to ransack the house to get any thing that just could fit into an office. Read more about my first office in the next series.

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