My challenge as an entrepreneur (36) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

My current account had just four hundred naira (N400) in it and my savings account had just nine hundred naira (N900) so the money to start an office was entirely out of the issue. The money to buy new things for the office in view was out of the question because cash in hand at the time the office was to kick off was fifty naira (N50). With all of these seemingly gigantic obstacles I just had the fire in my bones to put the office in place and I didn’t want the fire to die down. So I started out.


The room had two layers of shelves attached to the wall so I saw the journals on the shelves ever before I brought them in. I saw the videos and audio messages of some great speakers who could inspire dead men to come back to life. There was another shelf that was brought in from my mother’s store so I used that for all the books I had. Just as I was unpacking the bags I had brought back from school I knew where each item was going to because I had spent a great time looking at the office and thinking about what was going to be where. I didn’t need any vehicle for transportation. I was only moving up and down.


I did some scrubbing on the floor and made sure all the journals on business and leadership that I had collected over a period of about six years moved in and were neatly arranged. One more thing was left. It was a computer system. I had a desk in the corner of my room and for five years that desk had been my office. I had my computer system on it and every paper of the organization started and ended there. I was practically running on organization from a single table for five years because of school. It was 12th September 2008 when I moved into the office and I decided to move the computer system the following day. I wanted to tidy up paper works on my system before moving it into the office but on the same night that I decided to move my system, my monitor started flickering after booting. I had seen it happen before when a guy wanted to sell a computer system. All he did was to adjust the monitor’s cable. I did that and the monitor behaved for a while then the flickering became more frequent. That meant I started my office with a faulty computer system. I had another monitor from my brother-in-law but I didn’t know it was also going to mess up. I changed the monitor and the new one started booting. That was when I realized there was a problem. The monitor would display text while booting and would no longer display anything after booting.


For a few days I battled with the two monitors but they kept fumbling. I made series of phone calls on other people’s phone because there no money to call. I had to go and see and elderly friend to ask if he could fix the system. My dad’s car was available and there was fuel so I drove off to see him. The monitor worked perfectly and it was there we found out that the screen resolution was the problem. I was trying to boot the system by faith one day so I accidentally found out how I could run it on safe mode. I tried fixing it by running the system on safe mode but the screen resolution wasn’t changing and for a few months I had to use my first office computer by running it on safe mode! The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) that was working with my system was no longer backing up the system whenever there was power cut so my option was to lose the screws, remove the battery and send it to the battery charger so that it would be useful for some months before buying a new one. Unfortunately the screws refused to get out of the UPS so I had to wait till I could get a new one.


While thinking about the challenge of power supply, I once taught I could buy a rechargeable battery, fix and extension box to it and connect my laptop to it whenever I needed to work. The only thing I would have to do is to get it charged when there is power supply. Since the screws of my UPS were not coming out I had to take the battery of the 5KVA generator in the house into my office for specimen. I connected an extension box to it using some metal clips but the idea did not work. I kept asking questions and I later found out it did not work because I was trying to connect DC to DC. Thank God the adapter in the laptop saved me from another expense. Since the idea of the rechargeable battery did not work I taught I could get a bigger battery and get an electrician to fix the whole thing this time. I considered buying the batteries for automobiles since they were bigger. All of these crazy ideas were because I wanted to cut cost on the fuel that the generator was consuming. I also taught I would be helping everyone around if I could eliminate the generator because of its noise. When these were not working I decided to face the arrangement of the office. I wanted people to come in and exclaim. That was exactly what they did when they started coming.

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