My challenge as an entrepreneur (37) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

If only you learn to look very well you will realize that there are times when you are looking for something desperately in other places while those things are lying in your house. I gave you a brief statement of account as at the time the office was to kick off yet I needed to buy some things. While thinking about some of the things to buy and still looking around the house for useful things, I found the bedside chest that I brought from school. You and I know that a bedside chest is supposed to remain beside the chest but I converted the purpose of the bedside chest when I needed I security box in my office. Some people call it safe! All I wanted was something that would be under lock and key. I moved it into my office and that was where I used to keep some valuables that I did not want just anyone to have access to. I had a collection of complimentary cards in the chest. I kept some of my recording devices there. The company’s branded envelopes  and some stipends you can call working capital used to be in that chest.


I continued working like that for days and soon found out that I needed another chest. I just went up stairs and got another bedside chest for my office. This time I did not just bring the chest into the office. I brought a water flask, a tea cup, a glass cup, a roll of toilet paper and bottled water. When I finished setting up it was so beautiful! Inside the new chest was where I kept all the letters of the company. It contained out going and incoming mails. I also had a file in it that contained all the receipts I had been keeping for goods bought. Each time I bought I new item for the office I sent the receipts there so that I can fetch it easily if there was any need of it. I had brought the tea cup and the flask into my office because I was only ready to offer tea to the guests who visited the office. I later taught about something my father used to do. He always had a bottle of candy in the living room and it was used to keep the mouths of visitors busy until the real meal was ready. I decided I was going to fetch a bottle for candy so that I could offer some of my clients. After all I had seen banks do that so people would easily take it for creativity and hospitality. I also taught about getting a saucer for groundnuts so that you would at least feet at home when you come into my office.


On several occasions I resumed to my office at 7:15am and did some “extra mundane communication” like we used to call it in Mass Communication. After that I would study the only comprehensive manual of life – the Bible. Following these actions was one other thing that I love to do and still do. I would build outlines for messages and speeches that may never be delivered in the next seven months. I wrote down titles of speeches as I got the inspiration and later spent some time developing them. I never wait for an invitation to speak before preparing an outline. For some time I did not really have a heavy speaking schedule so I spent time building outlines for the days when I would have a heavy speaking schedule and may not have time to do a deep research. Some of the titles would be so heavy on me that I would tell myself this has to go into a book. That is how I get inspiration to write the books that I write.


One of the lessons I learnt during the periods when I had to be in my office since there was no speaking engagement was that you should never wait for a demand before you prepare for it. Settle down for work, project your schedule since your services and products are clearly spelt out, set goals and move gently. If you do things that way then you will be able to cope if there is a demand on your schedule.  

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