My challenge as an entrepreneur (40) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

The challenge of discouragement running with your cash flow is something you must watch carefully before it destroys you. The truth you are about to read will shock you but you will admit that it is real.


1.)    If you become discouraged when there is cash in your pockets you will spend your cash thinking the problem was hunger or some other thing your money could buy. When the cash is gone you would realize that it was something from within you that should be fixed.

2.)    If you become discouraged when there is no cash in your pocket you are likely to transfer aggression to the people you will need soon after the aggression.

3.)    The implication of the first two premises I have given you is that your emotion and your cash flow will, to a great extent, determine the direction of your business.

4.)    The truth about the whole issue is that your emotion and your cash flow can only determine the direction of your business as far as you let them!


If you want to know where I got all these from then I need to tell you about a few instances when I was practically in some of those situations. If you are a husband or a wife then you will admit that at some points when you offended your spouse you tried resolving the situation by taking your spouse out for dinner, launch or breakfast. At some points you probably brought something home and the situation was resolved. If the truth must be told you realize that the situations that warranted gifts or special meals reoccurred at some points. The reason it reoccurred was that you didn’t solve the real problem. you tried to buy over the person I the problem without facing the problem. That is what happens in business.


There was a day I walked into an eatery to get a bottle of soft drink. I was done with it in a few minutes but I wanted more so I asked for another bottle. I walked out not feeling the satisfaction I had expected that the drink was going to provide. I knew there was something wrong because the second bottle was not demanded because the first didn’t quench my thirst. I was trying to use something external to satisfy something from within me. I could only survive a few hours with the drink. Sooner than I expected, I was already in the same eatery for the same bottle of soft drink. This time I had to admit that my discouragement was the issue. I was not really thirsty!


When I noticed this I had to start working on it immediately because it occurred to me that this is how people get into some of the habits they seemingly cannot break away from today. When there was no cash I noticed that some of the people who kept stretching me when I didn’t really want to talk or when I just wanted to be alone could easily get a feel of my authoritative or choleric nature. At every point we are going to need people in our lives. At every level, no matter how prosperous you are, you will have reasons to be discouraged. Cash flow will always come to play in our lives. What we are left with is a choice that must be carefully made. If you want to succeed in business you will need to quickly identify ways of getting out of your discouragement rather than eating up your cash or stepping on toes you would need. My strategy is to listen to a tape when I don’t have enough strength to read a book or go over to people who can utter the right soul lifting words.


  1. You make very good points. In the Road to Riches we teach people that making decisions from your emotions leaves you no power and no freedom. You’ve got to be aware of what is driving your decisions and make sure it is in line with your commitment, not your momentary emotional state or wants. I like how you’ve identified “wanting more soft drink” with an internal discouragement. There is so much power when we take the time to identify what’s really going on!

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