My challenge as an entrepreneur (43) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you have to keep a counter in your business environment so that the counter can count how many challenges you encounter, I am afraid the counter will malfunction sooner than you think if your business is a vibrant business. It will malfunction because I think it will count and count until it does not know how to count again.


You encounter challenges while trying create products and you encounter more while trying to sell the products. I once walked into a bookstore to request display of my books. The attendant didn’t want me to drop all the copies I brought for them. She suggested I drop a copy for scrutiny and that the manager would get back to me. I insisted I would drop all the copies because I would have to go back if they approve and I may wait for a convenient time if they don’t.


After a few weeks I called the manager of the bookstore to find out if they approved my book. No, they didn’t. The quality of print didn’t meet what they think they can display on their shelves. I only had a choice to go back and pick the books. Long before some of these rejections I had known they were going to happen because the publisher didn’t go by the specification given to me in the quotation I had gotten earlier. The final print was in a way what you would call a mess. I didn’t give up on the sales because I had one thing going for me. The title is a great title so everyone who sees the books ends up asking a question about the content. Some others take a step further by asking how I got such an interesting title. I knew I needed to sell the book despite the fact that the publisher didn’t print according to expectation so what I did was to cash in on my speaking engagements. Whenever I was invited to speak in a place, I went with the books and some audio CDs. Immediately after speaking, while the heat of celebration is still almost touchable, I introduce the book and some of the CDs. Some people immediately call for the books and the CDs because they have heard me speak and they just conclude that this is one of the books that should not be judged by the cover.


Interestingly when people buy the book they always have something to say that eventually proves it’s not the kind of book that should be judged by its cover. I had to teach myself a common sense. I no longer walk with a publisher who cannot keep to specifications because that is not helping my products. If people have to pay for something then I need to realize that they must have some desires met.


At a time I walked into another bookstore requesting they display some of my CDs. The lady I met asked me to drop a copy to be presented to the boss. Several weeks went by with series of intermittent phone calls to find out if they had approved sales. One day I think the lady realized it was getting out of hand so she called me to admit she couldn’t find my letter. She requested another letter so I sent that immediately. The next day I got a call from her asking me to bring 10 copies of my audio CDs. A few weeks later when I walked into the same store I realized the lady was no longer working with them. The shocking news was that the lady who attended to me was surprised to see my CDs on their shelves because, according to her, they only sell foreign materials. How did mine get there?

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