My challenge as an entrepreneur (44) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you go with the crowd you will fall with the crowd. This is one thing that a lot of business people have not put in mind from the beginning of their business and so they want to do things like people who have been in businesses for decades even if they are just starting today.


I have seen some young people who are wearing the capital of their businesses all about. I said wearing because I see them wearing some expensive suits. They are wearing those suits because they want to look like some business guys who have been in business for years. They have forgotten that there is a time to invest in clothes but you must have invested in your businesses.


I remember that since I started my organization as a teenager around 2002, I didn’t wear a suit until 2006. Interestingly I had to get that suit because my sister was getting married and I had been invited to be a part of the groom’s men during the wedding. Whenever I had to wear a suit it was that suit that I wore. Wearing the same suit to every occasion that required a suit continued until 2008. Somewhere along the line I realized that the lining for the suit was not really strong because I wanted to wear it one day and the cuff links on my shirt tore the lining.


For about I another one year or so I was wearing my suit with torn lining because each time I wore cuff links the lining would tear again. After some time my nails wear enough to tear the lining but that was how I wore my suit because you definite would not be able to tell that the suit was torn. I tried to keep it clean always so there was no room to suspect the inner status of the suit.


Co-incidentally the second suit I bought in 2008 was bought because a cousin of mine invited me to be a part of the groom’s men for his wedding. Now it looks like I only buy suits for weddings. I know what is good for me and I know where to get whatever I need but I always go to places looking clean but simply for now. This has been helping me because I do not want to look bigger than I really am. Sometimes I realize that the people I am trying to relate with begin to build walls and make it difficult to relate with them when you look too classy in appearance. I prefer to wear the best and even the most expensive clothes in later in life than to wear them now and not allow my business grow.


As much as it is important to look beautiful, don’t forget that looking beautiful is different from looking flashy. Don’t put the life of your business in your clothes. I am a public speaker and I know the importance of dressing as a part of branding but it has to be a gradual thing. I only wear a few shirts to my outings but I keep in memory what colour I wore to an area at a time so that I wouldn’t wear it to that area the next time I have to go. Sometimes it’s my tie that helps me out since it will make a little difference in the appearance before the people realize that it’s the same shirt. The most important thing, despite wearing one suit is that business was progressing. Dressing to impress when you have not arrived can kill your business.

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