My challenge as an entrepreneur (46) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

There has always been the pressure to perform in my business but one thing that has been helping me to forge ahead is that I do not get distracted by the pressure before me. I simply focus on the goal ahead and pay the required price. If you do not know what is expected of you then you will have people telling you what they expect from you. 


From time to time people around me were demanding because they felt that the things I was doing should have started producing results. The problem here is that when you sow your seeds, some people will not allow you to pay the price of patiently waiting for results. They will push and push and push until you begin to manufacture fake results rather than the original results you should have waited for.


When you begin to impress because some people expect that you will have a result, you would have failed in sowing the back up seeds that should produce the required results. i have been pushed at different times to start impressing people who are watching me. People will easily presume that you have arrived. The most important time to realize that you are not more important than any other person is when people try to tell you how important you are. The enemy of the best to come is the good that you already have.


As at the time I published my first book I got so much of encomiums showered on me as if it was not something anybody had done before. At a time people began to approach me for assistance with the Vice-Chancellor even for some irrelevant things and for some other things that anyone who has integrity cannot be involved in. I nearly began to ask if it was a crime to know someone and for people to discover you know that person.


When I published my second book there was this other challenge of people attempting to neglect my weaknesses and over emphasize the things that I can do. I have heard from some orators that when people dislike you, they will exaggerate you weaknesses and when they like you, they will also exaggerate your strengths.


One of the things you will also have coming your way as an entrepreneur who is just beginning to succeed is that people may not tell you where you still need to buckle up. They will say you can do more than you can and you will want to prove it.


Let me seize this opportunity to inform you that the pressure to mature into the oversize shoes that have been paraded as yours kills your business. You go to every dinner to impress, you go to every fund raising to impress, you go to every book launch to impress and you attend every conference to impress. Don’t let people push you to do things to the detriment of your business because I have been pushed over and over again but I keep staying away as much as I can. I have come to realize that when I move at my pace to do things for other people, my business will survive and the people will abuse me for a while. If I move at their pace, my business will soon die and the people who seem to care will disappear and you will probably become a co-beggar in the courtyard of beggars. Don’t impress, don’t impress, don’t impress, don’t impress.


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