My challenge as an entrepreneur (47) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Understanding timing is one art that can kill or build your business if you do not pay attention to it.


One of the things I have always wanted to do is to take advantage of timing for anything I sell. When you have a product and you don’t understand the timing then it is going to reflect on your sales. There was a day I was invited to speak in a place and I was to talk about business for starters just to get some idle people off the ground. I was also to talk to some of the people who had started something about creativity as a way of boosting their productivity but I went there with only 20 copies of my CDs and with less than 10 copies of my books.


When I finished my lecture the Pastor of the church requested copies of my materials so I gave him all I had. The next thing he said was that I had underrated his church. He personally sold everything I went with to the members of the church and came back to remind him that I had underrated his church.


I would not have gone with any CD but it struck me the previous day that I would be speaking and that the people would want some of my materials. It seemed as if I made some money coupled with the honourarium I was given after speaking in the meeting but if I am to be sincere with myself I didn’t make any money compared to what I could have made. I saw a number of people struggling to get the pastor’s attention so that they could buy a copy of the CD or the book but the pastor did not give them any attention. That would not have happened if I had gone with enough books and CDs.


One of the things I now tell people in the meetings where I speak is about their marketing drive. How could you have heard about a meeting that would be holding in a place where the people are most likely to need your products or services and you go there without any sample of what you do? I always challenge them because some people now use the excuse of not getting the information some days before that meeting. If you are really ready for business you do not need to be given so much time to be ready for your marketing. It has now become a part of me not to go anywhere without copies of my books or CDs. Even when I am tired what I do is to strategically place the materials in my hands so that people can see them and start asking questions. With that my spirit will pick up again and it has worked on several occasions for me.


I think I have lost money on too many occasions simply because I didn’t go to some places with my materials. It’s even more painful when I realize the fact that I have marketing leverage as a public speaker. Most times I don’t talk about my materials until I have finished speaking. Once I finish my speech and before the people recover from the effect of the speech I quickly talk about the books I have written and the CDs that I have brought. That really helps my sales so I no longer care about the inconvenience of carry too many books since there can’t be too much money.    

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