My challenge as an entrepreneur (5) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is a mistake for people to always shield you from making mistakes.
I did say to you that I got a job and I got one thing that our parents are trying to shield us from. Sometimes it may not be the parents that are shielding us from this thing. It could be friends or siblings and it could also be our spouses. They always think we should not make mistakes and must shield us from making mistakes in life. It is a mistake to always shield us from making mistakes.
I have not said that you should not help people who are walking blindly into some destructive things but some times you need to let people go into what they want to go into and let them make the mistakes but don’t be too far away because they will need your help to go through the hurts they may experience. Our job in most cases is not to prevent the hurt but to help the wound heal faster and to make sure that the lessons have been taken but so many people have taken up the wrong jobs.
When I have the privilege to guide some younger people through some things, I tell them what I need to but I know so well that they will still make mistakes no matter how much I talk. For this reason I do not try to sound like the super counselor who knows just how everything will work out.
One morning I got an idea and I put a call through to my boss. I asked a few questions and we were set to go. This was even before I began working with him. I prepared the proposal for the idea since he said he could put what was on my mind in my hand. I went to him with the proposal and both agreed to send out the proposal. As a first point of call my alma matter, Mayflower School, where I had been a revered Senior prefect was to get the proposal. I went in to talk to the principal about it but she asked me to see her the next week. I went again to see her the next week and in thirty minutes it was a done deal. Nice proposal had gotten us about the biggest “real” single figure in that office. Everyone was happy but something was ahead of us.
I will tell you about what happened later but I think should get one or two lessons here. After the approval of the proposal we began calling more often and even traveling to the school where we were to do the first project. Days crept into weeks and weeks into a few months before the mobilization for the project was eventually paid. I know we made some mistakes during this time.
Most of the trips were made by two people because we wanted to be taken serious. That was not bad but we chattered taxis when we could go with cabs. Whose decision that was is irrelevant but the fare we paid for the taxis was two times what it would cost two of us to go with cabs from the garages though we were able to beat time and had convenience. I have to beating time and convenience in the story because that is what some people are always using to kill their business. They never want to sacrifice. They want it really big.
If you always want it big then prepare for the big mess!
… to be continued.

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