My challenge as an entrepreneur (50) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have been told in more times than I can recall that the taste of the tea bag only comes out when you put it in the hot water. All of the challenges I have written about have definitely brought out a great taste in me and the only thing I want to do in the 50th of the series on my challenges id to recount some of my blessings as a result of the challenges I have gone through and I am still going through.
At the time I started writing these series on challenges my organization was already in its sixth year. There has been intimidating predictions about several organizations not exceeding their fifth year. The organization is not only in its sixth year, it has succeeded in organizing at least a major conference every year in the areas of business, motivation and leadership. Despite all the hardships the speaking invitations are increasing and the privilege to impact lives is also increasing. People have discovered their purposes through some of our programmes and by the tenacity we also exhibit for the visions that we have.
In the space of the first six years I published my first collection of poems in 2005 where I motivated 18 other authors to summit their poems so that we could co-author a book with all expenses fully paid for by my university. In the year 2008 with just and interval of six months I was able to publish two major books that I authored alone (INDEBTED TO IGNORANCE AND WRITING BUSINESS PROPOSAL)
I started the organization in 2002 in the corner of my dormitory in Mayflower school, Ikenne while I was still the Senior Prefect so there was no way I could have taught about an office. My only office was my head for about the first five years of the organization because of my education. I had to focus, even if I was pretending, on my education so that my parents would not think their money was being wasted. Immediately after graduation from the university I was able to open my first office which was close to being an abandoned room on the ground floor of our building. I had been able to gather hundreds of materials on leadership, business, motivation and spiritual issues both in print and in the electronic media such that I had to make arrangements for other people to begin to borrow from the personal library in my office.
There was no time that my account balance, both current and savings, could explain the magnitude of some of the projects that I carried out. Some things worked simply by faith. I always had a barrage of wisdom from God and that gave me a huge leverage to get out of troubles and also advance to the next level.
I didn’t write any letter to anybody requesting donation to be able to buy any of the major office equipments that I used in the first six years of the business. I also started producing audio CDs and videos of lecture series of the organization within the first three years. At first I was giving it out but increasing capacity was necessary for me. I did that and I have since been producing my CDs. I have also been privilege to teach others how to produce their CDs without being held to ransom by any multimedia producer.
In terms of intellectual properties I must be humble in saying that the organization has several products each worth some millions if the rights to the products were to be sold. I have received several requests to write business proposals for individuals and I have done the same for companies all the mouth mouth-watering pay packs.
I had been privileged to speak in the least expected places and meeting some of the most revered people in the society. My books and CDs have traveled far and wide and they are still spreading the more especially with great impact. Sometimes I don’t realize how famous I have become until I get on the streets and I hear people calling me from different corners. A whole lot of the time they had to help me out by reminding me where we met or how they got to know me.
Let me confidently say that all the things I have experienced are beyond human wisdom. They are the Lord’s doing and they are overwhelmingly intimidating. I taught about giving up but things kept springing up.

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