My challenge as an entrepreneur (51) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Knowing what to write may be easy. Having the resources to publish may not be an issue. Finding who to sell to will definitely be an issue when you start out and if you are not careful you are going to ruin your business.
Some of the challenges some authors have when they want to write a book is the challenge of carefully choosing the book titles. In the bid to make sure that the book title is catchy enough some people blow it off. They eventually make the book title repelling as against the intention to make it attract. Well I think I just had that gift with titles such that there is no one who sees my titles and does not ask one or two more questions as a result of curiosity. Some of them arouse such a great suspense that you have no idea what’s in the book by merely looking at the title. You may have to read about the book or look through the table of content to get a faint picture on the real content.
I had succeeded in publishing some books and the next challenge after publishing was the issue of selling price for your book, selling place for the books and your prospective authors. One of the things that I did after publishing was to first sell my books to the people I had been privileged to lead in various leadership positions I held at various times. They in turn begin to recommend to their friends just you may already know that word of mouth advertisement is the greatest advertisement for any product anywhere in the world.
When I finished with those ones I moved over to friends but I still had a challenge because some people saw the books, wanted the books desperately but did not have the cash when the books were available. That makes us come to where can we get your books? Initially I had problems with distribution. I could only take the books to the few book stores that I knew and some of the books stores were far away from where some of my potential buyers were living so we had to start racking our brains again.
Later I got a solution for those who were willing to pay a little extra for the books. I did ask them to give me their postal addresses and that I was going to post the books to them on the condition that they were willing to bear the cost of posting the book. For those who were willing to bear the cost of posting the book it worked but one challenge I had with that was that I always wanted the books delivered anywhere within the country and even around the world in maximum of three days. This meant that within the country sometimes the cost of posting was three times the selling price of the book.
Another solution came for distribution. I was in a business meeting one day when someone came to introduce himself as a member of the Christian book sellers’ association and that the office for the South West region I Nigeria was just right under my nose. That eased the challenge of distribution a little.
A business person you always have to think about the strategies for selling your products and services. This simple issue is the reason some people don’t win the contracts they expect to win or get funds for the projects. The people can see you have a great idea but they want to see a feasible strategy for selling the product to the society because the success of a product is not only in its production but in its acceptance by the prospective market for the product or you call it market penetration.
As for me I was able to take a great advantage of public speaking to sell my products and I would say that in so many ways, personal branding contributed to the sales of my products.

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