My challenge as an entrepreneur (53) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

There were times I desperately wanted something new probably because the ones I had were frustrating me but the interesting thing was that for some time the new things expected would not come so I had to learn how to make the most of what I had while waiting for what I desired.
Imagine the plight of a young entrepreneur who is also a public speaker in the field of business, motivation and leadership. I was supposed to be speaking on the third day of a new year in the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria and that was the first speaking engagement that I was honouring for the year. As soon as I got to the venue of the programme I brought out my laptop from my bag so that I could do a few things before it was my turn to talk. I also wanted to use my laptop to record the speech that I was going to make but as soon as I pressed the power button, the laptop came on and the screen started flickering until it went blank. The laptop was still working but the screen had gone blank so I decided to shut down and restart. This time it did not come up at all so it meant that I was not able to do the real job I needed to do and I could not record my speech for that day.
The implication of not being able to record my speech for that day was that I would not have records and I can’t make some money through the multimedia. I took it to the engineer and it was fixed immediately but as soon as I got home the screen went blank again. This time I had to insist the engineer tells me what he was doing to the laptop. Form that day I removed a screw from the laptop and I had to go about with a screw driver so that I could fix the laptop as soon as it misbehaves. I was constantly opening the keyboard of my laptop in order to be able to work. At times the cursor just goes berserk because you are trying to use it on the left side of the screen and it just goes to the right.
In the middle of all of this I had to cope with the challenges of constant power cut so I went for the small size generator in the house. I had to bring it to the balcony of my room because my office within the house was directly under my room. I needed to buy a four yard wire so that I can use the generator conveniently in my room and in my office which was directly beneath the room.
Fueling the generator was constantly an issue of the mind because for a start, nearly every sale made from my audio CDs went into the purchase of fuel so that I can keep writing proposals, new books, letters to some partners and some of the people I share my vision with.
I could not imagine that I was almost praying for a laptop to keep working so that the laptop would not mess up if I had an important business presentation or proposal to present before the board of a company.
At other times the problem was not the laptop but the generator was supposed to power on the things I needed to use. All this went on frustratingly for some time but it came to pass. It’s not a desirable thing to pray for a laptop to work when you should just pick it up and start doing your job.

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