My challenge as an entrepreneur (54) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

At some point we may all begin to fall in love with the challenges that we are going through if only we have a foresighted perspective towards all the things happening to us. I have come to understand that the things happening to me are not happening to me simply because of where I am going to alone but it is also happening because of the people who are watching us and learning from us. God wants to teach some other people something very unique and I find it a great privilege for him to use me as a lesson tool. There are things he wants to explain to those other people that they cannot understand but he has taken me through those levels so he can now use me to teach those other people. I can now say categorically that my life is God’s chalk board for another man.
Maybe I should now say that we need to look at what God is writing on “this chalk board” this time. I sat down and had a reflection of some other things that I have gone through and a few things were running through my mind. There was a time I went to Lagos, Nigeria for an engagement but I needed to return to Ago-Iwoye in Ogun State because I had made arrangements with a youth fellowship to teach them business and leadership. My challenges had begun with the arrangements with that youth fellowship because over and over again people become nonchalant when they are getting things for free. When I did an assessment I realized that the announcement was poorly made and the preparation for the meeting was also poor. The organizers did not keep to time and they were still running meetings up until the time the teaching was to start. When I got there some of the people who were supposed to be the core leaders of the organization were leaving so I could easily see a problem with communication about the event.
In all of this I had to think about the personal sacrifice I had made to be in that meeting. It was a meeting I could have called of but passion would not let me call it off. I lived in Lagos at that time and I could have stayed back in Lagos where my father built a house. I am the type who thinks more about the commitments I have made rather than what it costs to keep the commitment. In order to make that meeting I had to think about how to get back to Ago-Iwoye because I had exhausted the cash in my hands. I had come into Lagos earlier because Rotimi Eyitayo was organizing the Spelling Bee competition in Silver Bird Galleria and I was to meet him there through Olulade Bethel. At that time Bethel was working on the graphics of the website for “6th Sense” – his organization on human capacity building – so I had to link him up with Elizabeth Pelumi Olubiyi who came in to Nigerian from US to start her company – EPO designs. The meeting looked more like a networking meeting for all of us who were there because Damilola, a campus pastor at the time and the owner of “Emerald Hills”, had also come in to meet his fiancé who was working with Rotimi Eyitayo.
While the networking was going on I had to think about how to return and the only thing that kept returning to my mind was my slide Nokia 6111 which was a gift from my big sister. Immediately after the meeting in Victoria Island I went straight to computer village in Ikeja simply to sell my phone. The receipt of the phone says it was purchased for nineteen thousand naira (19, 000) but I could only sell it for three thousand naira (3, 000). It sounded crazy but I did it because of what I believed in. I could not imagine myself calling of the meeting on the grounds of cash when I know that someone needed to hear what I had to teach!

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