My challenge as an entrepreneur (55) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I had always known that the challenges I was going through were not going to be there all the time. I just kept seeing myself in that place where the challenges I am going through now had become something to laugh about. I had a chat with a big brother and friend at a time and we were talking about our challenges so he said something very simple but profound. One of the things he said was that we were going through those challenges so that we would humble enough to understand were other people are coming from when we become so rich and those people are beginning to approach us for help. For this reason alone some of us have to go through some challenges in finances, businesses, real estate, academics and some other things in life.
Some of those challenges include your meals sometimes. On several occasions I had gone on hunger strike and I had to call it hunger strike though it was not a deliberate abstinence from food. A deliberate abstinence from food could either be a diet watch or fasting but severally I knew there was no diet to watch and there was no fasting in my agenda but it had to be a hunger strike because there was nothing to eat. In the first place what was my size at the time that can make me think about diet watch?
On one of such days I woke up and I really wanted to eat. There was no cash in my pocket and there was nothing like any raw food that could be cooked. This was not a new thing at that time. Sometimes when you have stayed in a challenge long enough you will realize that abnormal things are no longer new to you. If you are not careful the abnormal things that are no longer new to you will come to be accepted as the norm. Challenges can make you stronger and also broaden your perception about life because that is what it is supposed to be but if you go through challenges wrongly then it will shrink your mindset and you will begin to see life from a small perspective rather than through the big picture. You must be very careful not to allow challenges shrink your mindset.
I was going to say to you that when I woke up one day I was looking for something that I new I did not keep in the house. I was hungry and I needed to eat. I already told you there was no cash so the only thing was for me to find something to eat within the house. I only found stuffs like salt, oil, pepper and tomato source. I had to look in another direction as if there was something that was hiding there I the truth was that I knew there was nothing that had been hidden there. As a way of encouragement, just as I was about to take away my eyes, I found four small sachets of groundnuts that my fiancée had kept there. Those four sachets of groundnuts could be likened to treasures of motivation at that time so I devoured the groundnuts. I had to use the word devoured because there is a difference between eat and devour. It is a satisfied man that eats but a hungry man devours. After devouring those four unfortunate sachets of groundnuts for breakfast I had nothing to eat again for that day until a miracle meal came for dinner.
I remember there was another time when my fiancée and I had to eat dinner and all I had was a hundred naira cash so I had to seat carefully and plan that one hundred naira. The final budget had a provision for a loaf of bread and some sachets of water to top it. Every other thing that the budget didn’t provide for had to become an alternative forgone. It was a time when I made purchases according to my pockets not according to desires or needs.

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