My challenge as an entrepreneur (59) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I decided at some point to put some confessions that I had written on my walls and on the doors leading to my room. In the same month that I decided to stick the confessions on the wall one of the several things that I said materialized. The moment it materialized it gave me more strength to believe in confessions before expecting to see results in the things that I do.
On the 15th day in the month of April in year 2009 I wrote, ‘Fola don’t be late because of your flight. Your private jet is waiting.’ I signed and stuck it to the door leading to my room using a paper cello tape to fasten it to the door. I later went on to stamp it using the Edible Pen stamp. On the 24th day in the same month I was supposed to go to the high court in Lagos because the last will and testament of my late father was going to be read. Long after we got to the high court there was no one attending to us except that we were told to register as people who were going to be present when the last will would be read.
One of the people who had come in company of my brother-in-law, Olusola Oyelowo, who at the time was a management staff of Bola Onabadejo & Co – an estate surveying company – initiated a conversation about visiting Ghana. He wanted a short vacation in company of his friend, Muyiwa Akinrinola, my brother-in-law, but he had to turn down the offer after consideration for a few things. The wife was pregnant at the time and she was very close to the expected delivery date so Mr. Olusola started looking out for another person who was interested in the trip.
He asked if I was interested and I obviously did not waste time giving him my response. I really wanted to go. He wanted to know if I had an international passport but that was not an issue because I got one a year before. Someone had promised me a trip to Europe and did say that I had secured a free ticket so I went after the international passport immediately but the trip to Europe which was a promise never saw the light of the day at the time I switched on my computer to start writing this page. For a while I tried calling hoping that the free ticket to Europe would come but it never came so I took my focus off the trip. I knew what I carried inside me and I knew I was bound to travel around the world so I did not allow the thoughts of a free ticket to push me to the point of desperation. Some of the folks who were also promised free tickets kept calling but at some points I told them that I had taken my focus of the trip because I have more important things to think about.
To cut the story short I had my passport in place and was ready for the Ghana trip so I got my free ticket on the 28th day in April of 2009. For me it was important not because of the country that was involved though I appreciate the country. I valued that offer and the experience because I only needed one door to open and the others would not be a problem. The same seeds that I had sown, the faithfulness and grace of God that opened the door for the first flight to another country will certainly open the door to all the other nations of the world. By implication I knew I only needed that first flight as the connecting points to all the other flights and I have been flying effortlessly ever since.

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