My challenge as an entrepreneur (6) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

While we were trying to have it big in some ways where we could cut costs, we were already eating into the pillars of the business. We looked forward to the figure on the cheque and to an extent was running the business on a cheque that had not come in. some of the profits from other ventures in the business were diverted into getting the project done. By the time the cheque was issued, our transportation expenses alone had taken more than ten percent of the figure given to mobilize the project.
I was not absolutely in control but my integrity was at stake. I had gotten the proposal approved by integrity and that same integrity was about to be soiled. A business that was already running on some other pet projects before suddenly hung on the funds from one. Over and over again I heard stories about why some of the things that needed to be done had not been done. We needed some recordable cds from Lagos and nearly everyday we had people going into Lagos if we didn’t want to go but I just cannot explain why the cds were not purchased.
We needed to do some animations from the system. The animation was done at a snail pace and was never completed even as I write this article – two years after. Whenever I talked it looked as if I was a puppet. People around at the time taught I was unnecessarily fretting over something that was going to be done in a jiffy. I noticed some other indifferences concerning the project but I did not take my stand. I did not want to hurt anybody more especially because I think we would have some other business deals together in the future. My destiny is too bright to be soiled by a mere unstable emotion running against another person that I may need in my life.
I hate to bore you with unnecessary details but the job was never done. The school kept calling and I looked like a fraudster. Nobody said it to my face but you could tell by the looks when you see the people involved. I have some lessons for you on how I handled the situation.
At no point did I allow my emotion to run wild even when my integrity was at stake. If anyone was going to be arrested it would be me so the other party was nonchalant. There were no agreements written down corning the projects. The proposal was written in my name because it was my idea but the quotation was sent in the venture’s name. I was more obvious to the client and had been a student trained by the client so I was to be held responsible for repayment.
In all of these, I learnt how to limit my trust not by making people feel I don’t trust them but by committing their trust to paper with their ink endorsing it. I later heard, while I was on break that the same guy had traveled out of the country. No phone call, no email no text messages!
…to be continued.

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