My challenge as an entrepreneur (64) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have learnt through my challenges that what God has for me is bigger than what I often run after. So my question is why are we stressing ourselves? I also remember trying to get just one TV interview but I got 50 TV presentations! In that same year I was selected for a TV reality show (‘The Debaters’ organised by Mo Abudu, the presenter and executive producer of Moments with Mo) which aired on Three television stations at the same time. Two of the stations were cable televisions and had their coverage reaching out to 46 countries of the world with an estimated viewership of 3.5 million people.
I have bothered so much about what God has already planned out and tried a lot of times to meet some of the people who are positioned by divine order to see me and help me. Some of the issues that readily come to mind include times when I look for money to get on radio when God really had planned out to put me on radio without my resources going into it. I came to the shocking reality that most times the challenges we are going through may not absolutely be what is necessary to go through but we are going through them because we do not yet possess the understanding that the experience of those challenges will offer. When I am faced with the issues of media I no longer get agitated because I have been through the challenges of being rejected by media men who have no reason to reject my presentation. I go to people and try to talk them into buying my idea but I don’t seem to understand why those people will not see the big picture that I could see which should make them jump at me?
At the end of the thought processing about the challenges I came to the understanding that reason some people did not understand what I was trying to present to them was because if they had understood it they still would not have been able to handle it on the scale at which God would have wanted that dream fulfilled. Even if the people I talked to had understood my vision some of them would have stolen the vision if they saw clearly the potentials in the vision. Some of the people who kept turning me down were actually the right people who should help me with some of my dreams but God did not want me going to them as a beggar so they will turn me down. In the time of turning down God begins a process of reorienting me and pushing me to higher cadre such that when God is done with me the people to whom I would have looked like a beggar will now come running after me. At these points I realize that some things did not work earlier because God did not want these people to come back to say they were the ones who helped me to succeed.
To every young entrepreneur reading this and is going through challenges right now I want you to understand that you will be rejected by people for no just cause but some of these people will later wish they had taken up the ideas you tried discussing with them. You would have looked like a beggar and they would brag that they raised you from the slums to the eye-brow areas but God does not want that. God, in the midst of your challenges, wants to single-handedly brag that you are his idea, his product, his handwork and his project which can never fail. To sum up my words, I just want to say I have learnt how to give God the chance to brag about my life.

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