My challenge as an entrepreneur (7) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

At whatever time the important issue is to make sure you are not held down by the things you have gone through in life. You may be pulled down but don’t stay down. Just keep going because what makes you a superstar is not the funny stories you have been a part of if the victories have not been recorded yet.
Sometimes people look at me and they just wonder what keeps me going but they don’t seem to understand. They always have one or two comments about my seemingly strong personality but they are not aware that sometimes I am as strong as they think. What is strong is my conviction about new possibilities even when it seems as if all is gone. What is strong is by belief that it cannot be over until I have gotten what I want so I keep keeping on at any time. It is the fact that I cannot remain a failure that keeps me going.
In October of 2004 I woke up in the middle of the night and as I was about to settle down to start work I received an idea. I had a few poems at that time and I was really thinking about what to do with the poems. I knew that I was not just writing so that I could have several files filled with articles that I have written. If I was the only one that needed he article and poems I was writing I could as well stop the writing and enjoy the ideas in my memory. I had a long standing desire to publish a book so an idea came concerning what to do.
I was to invite a few other young writers who had poems ready to be published to submit some of their poems. We, all the people who would submit poems, were to work together on how to raise funds for the book and plan the book launch at the same time. I already had a plan for all the things that needed to be done but I wanted the people to be fully involved so I allowed suggestions at every stage of the project. Funds initially posed a challenge to us but I had enough passion to keep pushing the team until we got the required funds. How did I get the funds? I am going to say a little about that because that is one question so many entrepreneurs are always asking. Before setting out to raise funds, I wrote down the names of a few people who could support the project if we get a chance to discuss with them. I was not just hoping that we would get the chance to talk to them about the book project because that would amount to nothing so I took action. I carried the papers everywhere I went and I talked to as many people that cared to listen.
It was in the talking that the miracle happened! As I went from people to people talking to them about my project, some people taught I was joking because they could not imagine a student doing that kind of a thing. They taught about funds and felt like it was going to be very difficult to get the book published. I did not bother my head about all the negative words that I heard. I had charged myself well enough in my room for every negative thing I was going to come across. Eventually I found someone who already had a connection with one of the men whose name I had written down. When I got this contact I knew I could connect with every other person. It was one important contact. This person whose contact I got was the vice-chancellor of the school at the time. I didn’t get it by just wishing someone would help. I opened my mouth to talk about the dream that I was carrying inside of me.
Until I talked nothing happened! …to be continued.

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