My challenge as an entrepreneur (9) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you do not fight your desire to please everyone you will be pleased with being a failure!
I should have sorted one thing from the commencement of the organization and that has to do with clarity of vision for the organization. I had clearly expressed what the organization stood for in nearly all the meetings that we had and I didn’t fail to let them remember the slogan that summarized the vision. It was on the letter heads, the papers of the organization and everything that had to do with us.
That was a great mistake because I should have known that it is not everybody that reads and that it is not everyone who even reads that understands. A lot of people just stare at letters and pretend to know the meaning of the words but the problem is that they are too proud to ask questions about what someone is doing.
From the commencement of the organization there was division. There was division because some people bought into the vision and some others bought into the produce of the vision. While some were crazy about the opportunity to have a say in the society through writing, some others were envisaging the resources that would be generated from the projects. It was true that the number of people who bought into the vision were more than the people who were only playing along but the more dangerous issue was that the few who didn’t really get what the whole idea was all about had more influence than the people who understood it. They had a louder voice and did a lot of talking. The people who got the gist were waiting for the next line of action. They didn’t have enough force to go on such that the few who did not really understand us would be “negligible” – at least in opinion – till we got things done.
Division as far as I am concerned now means “di” (two) and vision. If you already understand the meaning of vision then you should know “di” means two. That means there were already two visions under one person’s leadership! Two visions cannot thrive under the leadership of one person because the person will run with his vision but will at some points keep meeting with brick walls because some of the people he wants to run with already have another vision to run with.
I could not bear the politicking that was going on under my noise. I was not in for too much of talk but action. I saw myself spending more time trying to do some reconciliation rather than move on with the vision. Unfortunately the people I was trying to reconcile spoke two different languages. I obviously understood the language of one party but did not understand the language of the other so reconciliation seemed like a very big issue. I resorted to killing the organization since it was becoming ungovernable. My strategy was simply. I had told one of the people I would kill the organization but they didn’t want me to so I pulled a surprise one day. We were in the middle of a meeting when I told them I was relieving myself of the position of the president. I asked them to continue, deliberately, because I know they had lost the vital thing needed – vision – to continue. They tried effortlessly to bring me back. So they went on with the organization but could not do that for too long. The organization died as expected.
If that was the right decision is not an issue to debate now. All I could not bear was to run an organization with two different visions. It does not mean you should kill everything that does not seem to be working right now.
… to be continued.

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