My challenge as en trepreneur (63) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I obviously cannot forget how I have had to walk two hours to galaxy television and walk another two hours back home sometimes because I was going there to make a ten miniute presentation but at the time I turned on my system to write this page I was in the talk academy of the debaters where it was the cameras that were looking for me and an estimated 3.5 million viewers. Will be watching me from tonight on 3 different stations with two of them on cable. My challenges are beginning to help me understand the the impact and beauty of delayed results despite the pains of waiting and the seemingly frustrated expectations.
It did not just happen that I got into a place where cameras are always on me and trying to shoe the world who I am and what skills and talents I have got to offer. Before this opportunity came there were times when I sat at home and needed to go out but there was no money to go out and I taught seriously about my streams of income. At the time I was beginning to think about my streams of income I must confess that it was a temptation about getting money consistently to keep things running. Each time the taught strikes I keep think about my moral justification to back it up because I do not have the daring courage to do things that are not part of my passion. Each time I gave it a taught I alsmost felt as if I had just done something that can betray another person but I needed to pay attention to my finance.
In whatever you do I want to assure you that you can get the best out of it depending on your perception but you must be told or reminded that there are rough edges to smoothen at every point. The people who do no tell you about the rough edges obviously hate you. When I was to go for the national auditioning of the debaters I did not have cash but I had products. A part of my mind was praying for a miracle and a part of my mind was hoping somebody somewhere would buy the quantity of books that will amount to the cash I need. A few days before I was to go for the national auditioning I got a call from my uncle who requested copies of my book and that took care of my expenses to Ikoyi where the auditioning was done. Here was I with the potential to scale through something and the chances were being threated because I did not have enough cash. Amusingly and sometimes annoyingly the amounts needed in these kinds of time are ridiculous amounts that you would have given out a number of times. For reasons like this I kept getting the temtation of seeking a job so that I can leave my house everyday like every other person does and bring some money home. While fighting this same desire the sincerity and genuinness to stay away from employment so that I can help others succeed was strong on in my heart.
The truth is that at some points the things I knew I should be doing and was convinced about doing looked like the things that were wrong because the results didn’t seem to be forthcoming and the input was so much. You experience some kind of agonizing pain while doing what you know is right but you don’t seem to get the needed result. For this reason it sometimes was difficult to continue on the right path. There were times when I simply broke down on my bed and did not feel like doing anything. There were times when what I needed to do was stiring at me in the face but I could not gather enough energy to do it because I had some other psychological debates going on in my mind.
Some of my great challenges include having to take the courage to stick to my path in life. A lot of people cannot stick to their paths in life because they are not getting immediate results and they are frustrated. The problem is not the results that is not forthcoming. The problem is the lack of understanding of what the delayed result was going to do for you. When you have delayed results you end up being a stonger person first with your psycology if you put forth the right perspective and then with your attitude. When you are not shaken by all the little things you are expecting that are not coming immediately you are likely to have more peace in your life.
Through challenges I have learnt not to try to make things happen before their time and not to get to desperate that some other take undue advantage of me because of my desperation which can make the situation worse for me.

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