My Memories of Sheila

My first few memories of Sheila date back to my early days in Mayflower when the buzzing passion to write and my itchy pen began to collide! I wrote anything that came to my mind for anyone who care to read! Sheila was ever willing to read and she also instructed the office typist to type for me! I marveled at how that woman of substance had the time for my seemingly youthful and ambitious but negligible passion!
What can I say of the days when she brought us together in ‘Discussion Group’ seating with teenagers as an old woman in her 70s then and rubbing minds with us on both global and local issues? Her simplicity is mind blowing and her openness is unparalleled!
I went back to Mayflower after graduating to speak to the students at a time when Sheila was over 85 and it was from her I first heard about the Malcom Gladwell jaw dropping books – Tipping Point & Blink! She read as though she was getting younger and learned as though the knowledge would be needed in the grave!
Sheila was just soooooo ‘Omalicha – which in Igbo means beautiful in character, nature and spirit!’
Fola Daniel Adelesi
Senior Prefect 2002/2003
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