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The news breaking this morning about the death of Dr. Myles Munroe, Pastor, Inspirational Speaker and Coach who lived in Bahamas with his wife, Ruth, is more than sad. None of us expects good people to die especially when they are also making a great impact on the lives they are privileged to meet.
My first reaction was ‘wait a minute! Is this true?’ I confirmed it and then thought this is not the kind of news that should start my week. People like us – motivational speakers and pastors – can’t really write our stories, especially if you teach on purpose, without a reference to Myles Munroe.
This reminds me of my purpose discovery years as a teenager. I was young, bright and filled with skills to communicate clearly and effectively. Then there was the question of what to do with the skills.
While that question was on my mind, I was introduced to two amazing people that I can’t forget. I don’t remember which one of them I met first. Someone brought me a tape and the preacher was talking about temperaments. That was my first major contact with Reverend Sam Adeyemi. That was when I also found out that I am a Sanguine and not a ‘talkative’ as I was labeled.
At about the same time I was given a book titled understanding your purpose and some other materials on the discovery of potentials and maximising potentials. This author was different. I read those materials and something in me connected with him. Later I began to see videos of this black man who spoke like ‘Oyinbo people’ – foreign accent. I found myself playing those videos over and over again just to grab more from this new friend of mine.
Years back I remember hearing that he would be teaching at City of David – one of the numerous branches of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria. I didn’t have to think twice. I abandoned my local church and went to City of David just to hear him out. You can trust I was not disappointed.
It can be a huge shock to hear that one of the people who set you on the path of purpose just passed and that it happened in a place crash. It is indeed a big loss even though Dr. Myles Munroe said ‘the greatest tragedy in life if not death. It’s a life without purpose.’ I completely agree because purpose makes you relevant even in death.
Myles is gone but his life now becomes a great challenge to us all. We must live and live well. We can’t live for ourselves alone but live for others. This is another time that reminds me of what I call ‘silent thought’ – thinking about the day we will all sleep and wake up no more and how people will remember us.
Now I am challenged, and I challenge you too, to live your life to the fullest and make sure you fulfill purpose daily.

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