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We all can attain our goals in life and that’s really true but what varies is when, where and how we all will be able to achieve our desired goals. As a young person trying to impact the lives of other people I have attempted doing things on my own just to impact the lives of others but I have seen that it does not work! It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I can achieve more of what I really want to achieve by just leveraging on the platforms of other people. After a while I began to leverage other people’s platforms and I realized that I spent less and got more results. As a matter of fact, I even got paid for some of the efforts at the time.
Life can be very difficult and at the same time simple because of what we want to achieve but that depends a lot on what we have decided to do. I have just shut down every door that compels me to struggle with things on my own when I can just take advantage of what other people can offer to help me get my results! I learnt a few lessons while working with some people in the corporate world and I found out that they achieved a lot of results by just networking! I have seen people wake up in the morning with just an idea and at the end of the day they are talking about money and new connections already made as a result of the ideas in their heads.
So many people have ideas in their heads but they really not know how to network and that has become a problem for them. I must say that your ideas can become a burden to you when you just keep the idea with you and you are hoping for opportunities that will help that idea! I also found out that when people have ideas, they also have to make the room for that idea to thrive! They do not just wait for the opportunities that will help the idea, they go all out to meet people and talk about the ideas in their heads.
I should quickly say that so many people cannot network because they really do not know what networking is all about and they have no idea how to strike a new deal with a fresh network. The first and the most important thing you always have to do is to build new relationships with people and sometimes just keep a conversation going. At other times you will have to create a database and ensure the new people are on your database and you invite them for your events. It is important you try to know more about these people and what they do so well. Show interest in their businesses and let them know what you can do as well. This is a way to register your person and products or services in their minds but you also have to go beyond that!
When you have any reason to ask people to do things for you especially as a business person, you cannot be talking about what you want without talking about what’s in it for the people you are making a proposition to! I have had the rare privilege to talk to people at different times who have business proposals for other people. When I take a look at their proposals I can instantly tell that they will not get a positive feedback because they are not offering anything in return for what they are asking. There’s a difference between being a parasite and being a networker! You have to be a networker and that involves asking people for something and offering something in return! In most cases, a networker will play up the benefits of what he or she wants you to be a part of and will make it look like you even have more benefits than he or she does!
If you really want to be productive you will need to be a networker and you have to brush up your networking skills. Sometimes when you meet people and you do not have any idea what to do with them yet, you can just keep a corporate relationship with them. Send them messages at festive seasons, wish them well at holidays, encourage them when you see their businesses have taken some bold steps or have just launched new products! Be in their face all the time in a positive way until you might be able to figure out what to do with them! Never make the mistake of not asking for people’s numbers or emails! I made that mistake in the past and I can tell you I have paid for it in some way. Now when I meet people, I just want their cards and really want to see what we can do together! You might also want to streamline your networking efforts when trying to achieve certain results and at such times, you can focus on industry networking. Industry networking is just about networking primary with people within the same industry that you are in and that will really help your business instead of your trying to network with so many people who cannot help you in any way!
You might have a large network but it’s not about a large network sometimes! It’s about having a viable network or what you may want to call a productive network! I think I can give you an idea of what it is to have a viable network. If you need to raise a million, do you have anyone in your network who can help you raise it or someone who knows another person who can help you raise it! If you don’t have anyone like that then you need to expand your network! What you sometimes intend to achieve will determine who you are looking for in your network. However, do not discard your current network if they cannot help you right away because you never can tell where you will be meeting them or needing them again. You should also remember that people grow and things change!
Be a networker and keep improving on your network in order to achieve more results with less energy!
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