Never be afraid to Negotiate │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

One major lesson you always have to hold unto in life wherever you are and in whatever you decide to do is that you must never be afraid to negotiate for anything that you want in life. I strongly believe that you can get anything out of life and from anywhere in the world except that thing does not exist! In the case where it does not exist, you can also begin to talk to inventors about it to make sure it is invented and the invention can also be credited to you. You have the choice of making your life easier by going through negotiation or making your life a little more difficult by refusing to negotiate and hoping that things will happen for you.
There are people who are in the habit of saying they cannot get something even before they ask for that thing! In some cases, they never get those things and that’s not because they could not have gotten them but it’s because they concluded they could never get them! If you always have the perception that the only thing you can get out of life is what is obvious then you will get very little out of life. You must be willing to open your mouth and ask questions! Even if you do not know about a place or an offer that can help you get what you want, you need to ask people about it and even drive some people to start thinking about doing them.
I have gotten a radio show simply by talking or asking for it. I have gotten a few other things out of life simply by negotiating for those things! Most of us can get a lot more out of life but we seem to be getting just a little and that’s because we are not negotiating for those things! I must quickly begin to say that you need to know the difference between negotiation and begging. It can be said that you are begging when you are asking for something and you are not offering anything in return. Some people even want to blackmail others into giving them what they want but that’s never the way to go. I have also seen some documents that some people call business proposals and I tell them that this is not a business proposal because you are asking a business person to be a part of what you are doing and you are not offering the person’s business any obvious benefit!
Don’t ever say that anything cannot be done so long as you are willing to do that thing and are willing to also offer something in return. Where the real negotiation comes in is what you might be willing to offer for what you want. A typical example of negotiation could be a situation where some people have to pay to buy a car but another person says he wants the car but he is not going to pay to get the car. The next question is ‘how will you get the car without paying for it?’ One option might be to create some form of publicity for the car dealer that provided you with the car and use it for free! There could be other things you just might be offering including referrals to the car dealer to increase his sales but the important thing is that you have the car for free while someone else has paid for the same car!
I must say that negotiation has a lot to do with thinking strategically because you must be ready to offer something in return for what you are asking. You must also ensure that what you are offering sounds nice enough for what you are asking. You also need to be tough enough to keep negotiating for whatever it is that you want! If you are not tough enough you may find out that you negotiate halfway and you do not get through with anything!
Think about that business space you have been asking for, the money you have been trying to get, the goods you want on credit or any other thing! I am so confident that you can get it with or without money but it all depends on your courage to negotiate!
Go all out now and negotiate your way to success without being afraid of anything!
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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  1. Thank you so much dear Fola, this eye opening and its one area I’m currently working on to enable me give more and get more out of life. Thank you once again and God bless you sir.

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