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From time to time you will hear people talk about how they dont have as much as they want to have or how they do not have anything at all. They constantly talk about hardship and how long it has been around. Some hope it will change some day but most people justify it.
Thats the real problem- justifying the scarcity you are experiencing. A lot of people will tell you that the economic down turn the world experience also affected them. Now most nations claim to have recovered from the economic down turn so they need to come up with another excuse. Some will say it is the stock market crash or the general unemployment in the country. Others will say that even the whole nation does not have enough money to do all that it needs to do.
For as long as you want, you can continue to justify the hardship or scarcity in your mind. When you justify scarcity in your mind then the scarcity has the permission to stay on. It is like a court case. When someone is proven guilty and convicted, the person loses the right to walk around for some time depending on the sentence given. If the person is not found guilty or pronounced guilty, even when the person is really guilty, then the person reserves the right to keep walking around as a free person.
The latter is what many of us are doing to ourselves. We keep telling ourselves its okay to not have enough because of the economic situation. We say to ourselves that we are not alone in the situation. There are many other people experiencing the same scarcity so its okay to not have.
You need to wake up. That reality you are selling to your self is a hard reality. You can actually change your reality. While you are selling the message of hardship to yourself, there are people in the same country, same state, same community who are changing their cars as often as they want. They live in nice looking houses and travel for vacations whenever they want to. They have enough money to go shopping any time they want to do that and they are not in any way justifying scarcity.
If you continue to justify scarcity then it will have a right of residence in your life. the day you will stop experiencing scarcity is when you stop justifying the scarcity in your life.
You may not have as much as you want to have today but it is not a reason for you to justify scarcity. Dont stay everybody is hungry. That is a lie. Some of the people you are referring to as hungry know how they sort themselves secretly.
No matter how hard things are for so many people, there are those who will still be enjoying. I am definitely not a part of those who find it easy to justify scarcity, no matter what I am going through.
A long time ago I made up my mind never to justify scarcity. And thats because I saw how some people are living large and living well in the midst of the professed scarcity of some other people. I saw how some will not be able to feed in one day and others travel on daily basis with more than two cars, drivers, security personnel and assistants.
There will always be scarcity and at the same time there will always be abundance. You can choose which one you want. There will always be the river and at the same time the dry land very close by. You can choose to be on the dry land or on the river.
You are permitted to choose scarcity if that is what you want but you must never justify scarcity with one economic jargon or the other because while you are talking scarcity, others are experiencing abundance.  
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