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One of the biggest energy supping things that people are involved in is to dwell in regrets! It does not only sup your energy, it depletes your creativity and ultimately cut your productivity in life.
I have heard a number of people saying, if I had known I would not have done that and they say this repeatedly but do not realize that they are wasting productive time thinking about what they did not do right and what they cannot even change.
At a close point of regret you will have two ways:
1.You may see that a great mistake has been made and the next thing you start doing is to work on avoiding it next time and you are ready to move on in life.
2.The other part which is the dangerous one is for you to seat down, cry over what you have done, consistently talk about how you wish you never did it, waste more time, achieve nothing and then tie all your failures to that point when you got things wrong.
What turns out to be a source of regret for us were not meant to turn out as regrets in our lives. We all have two options as stated above regarding the outcome of any situation either we acted right or not. We are the architect of our lives and we decided if anything will become a regret or it will become a lesson for the next phase of our lives.
When we fail to make lessons out of lifes issues then we will bake regrets from them and they will live with us for the rest of our lives. In my years of leadership experience I have had people on my team that I thought I could easily work with and achieve things with but it became a different story when they got on board. Some of them did not show their true colours or there were not things I did no notice before they got on board. I did not allow that to become a source of regret for me. I have learnt from such situations and now know that I must carefully choose people and that there are some I will never bring on the team no matter how good they are. It just will be better to have them as outsiders because they will change when they get in the team.
At some points I have also taken some wrong decisions but I have to be responsible for my decision rather than make it look like it was someone else who allowed things to go wrong. As a rule, I never live with regrets and I don’t allow any trace of regrets around me. When you start living with regrets you will start having bitterness in you and the moment the bitterness sets in then you will transfer responsibility of whats happening to you. Others must look like the bad people but you may not realize that you weaken yourself when you transfer responsibility of what happens to you to other people. People who live in regrets are so caught up in the life of regrets that they will not know when they are running out of time. By the time they realize they don’t have so much time left then they have to look for something to blame it on.
No great person ever became great by living on regrets and no successful business person ever succeeded in business by living with regrets. Things happen to them and they are things you cannot even imagine compared to what has happened to you but they get up and move on!
Never let regrets take your productive time and sup your energy anymore! Learn your lessons and move on from any situation.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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