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While preparing for this article I came across this quotation and I think it quickly drives home the point I would like to make. The quotation is ‘Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm’ – Winston Churchill.
I have found myself in a situation where I had to encourage a number of people who have given up on one thing or the other. Some of them have given up on their family and some others have given up on their academics. I have also found those who have given up on having any relationship with religious organizations because they feel that the religious leaders are not delivering on their promises. There are those who would take their lives if they had the chance to and there are those who don’t just know what their problems are but they can tell you they really have a problem.
When all is lost and hope is not lost then not much has been lost. When you retain your hope and there is no enthusiasm you also slim the chances of getting anything back in life. For this reason, it is not enough to say that you have hope and you confess your hope in order to get up and getting going in life after some downfalls! You must have the hope about something new that can possibly happen for your and fuel the hope with the strength of your enthusiasm.
I heard about people who had so much and came down to nothing but they never lost hope in all that they did. Some of them had to start all over with nothing and they still made it again in life. When you look very well at such people who bounce back in life then you will notice that they did not only hope things were going to get better, they had the enthusiasm to fuel the expectation of things getting better. They constantly talked about how things could get better. They only expected things to get better. They saw the brighter side of life and talked about what can possibly happen for good rather than dwell on what has gone wrong!
When you have enthusiasm you look more on getting your desired results even though you have failed before. You no longer look at the failure but at the possibility of succeed. Even when it seems as though enthusiasm is beginning to dwindle, you have to look for ways to raise the level of your enthusiasm. When you keep that on a high level then I can tell that you will bounce back from any set back no matter how bad it is!
Life may be tough on you at some point, and I expect it to be, but you must never lose the enthusiasm to keep going. Remember it is also easier to sustain enthusiasm when you wake up on daily basis remembering why God allowed you to wake up to another day in the first place! Keep your enthusiasm! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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