Never The Less! | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Never The Less! | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
Two people got out of the university and one decided to start a company of his own immediately but the other one went to look for a job. It initially looks like the one who got a job had the job security and would have constant source of income so theres nothing to worry about regarding finances. The other one who wanted to start a company have a few things to worry about. If there are no clients then he will not have anything to eat. This later turned out to be an advantage because it means he has to put his brain under more pressure and have it more developed.
A few years down the line, the one who got a job had started complaining about his job and the one who started his company was already on the same social status with senior colleagues of the one who got a job. A lot of people know their capacity but the settle for the less by going for job security and not job satisfaction. Some others settle for the less in the areas of academic excellence or in the quality of minds the people we relate with have.
On daily basis we make decisions that reflect the fact that we know whats the best for us but we seem to have settled down for something else because deep down on the inside we have agreed that the best is farfetched! This decision routine continues in our lives and that makes us settle for the less in the jobs we do, settle for the less in the people we relate with and settle for the less in getting the best out of our lives.
We continually settle for the less in our everyday lives until we become average people who never aspire for excellence. The problem is that when we start going for the less in our lives, it starts out like getting a better and a cheaper option and then it looks like we are really saving cost. It appears that we are saving a lot of time and we are getting more out of the less that we are beginning to settle for! A lot of people do not realize that at the end of the day, all those things that seem to have helped you save cost are not really saving cost for you.
This truth will only come under broad light when the people who have paid more and have waited for a longer time are beginning to enjoy the fruit of waiting a little longer and paying more for what they wanted. I really do not have the time to start telling you if what you are going for is a cheaper option or not but you have to stop looking at life from getting the cheapest! Theres more to you than going for the less and you should never settle for the less!
In making the decisions to go for the best you may have to wait a little longer but you will realize that your decision will pay off at the end of the day! Someone else may have enough money to buy a brand new car and he decides he wants to cut costs then he settles for buying s used car. After some months the used car starts developing serious faults then he begins to spend a lot on the car. It might take some time but then he takes a seat one day to count the cost and realizes that the expenses of trying to fix the car have measured up to the cost of the new car he didnt buy even though he could afford it.
The people who do not settle for the less usually enjoy their decision not to do so and at the end of the day those who settle for the less constantly find themselves in the community of people who have equally settled for the less! When we start to settle for the less, we gradually shut ourselves out of the circle of execellence and the people who are driven by quality in their thoughts because we are simply saying to them that our paths do not cross.
Turnaround today and do an appraisal to see where you have settled for the less! Take the bold step, say to yourself, Never The Less and start going for the best!
Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

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