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When you get a new job you are sometimes required to take a new training even if you have had a job in similar industry before. The reason you will be expected to take a new training is because different companies run in different ways! Different companies also have different goals and they all have varying strategies to achieve all that they intend to achieve! When you come on board they will have to teach you their own strategies for achieving what they intend to achieve. When you need to go to a higher level in school you will have to take what they call examination and when you pass that examination you are allowed to go to the next level but if you don’t pass you are advised to repeat until you pass. Just as all these things happen in real life with exams and companies that train you for a new job, when you enter a new season of your life you will need a new perspective or orientation and that is mostly powered by a new kind of faith!
If all you believed you could do before now had to do with jobs that were paying low and you want to live a better life then you have to learn to believe for jobs that can pay higher! You will have to learn how to believe in doing more than you have ever done. You may not have been so good at taking risks before but now you will need a new kind of faith to take a new kind of risk. I have heard people say, ‘nothing ventured nothing gained!’ You cannot afford to continue with the mindset of nothing ventured nothing gained! You must venture into something and you must gain something. It is not only important for you to venture into something but you must venture into something really big.
Some of us have had the faith for something really small but when you get into a new phase of your life you will need faith for something really big. There are those who have had faith only for their daily meals but you will need more faith right now because you will not just be believing for your daily meals but you will be having meals for the month and also providing meals for other people.
If you do not work on having a higher kind of faith compared to what you had before now then you will only end up achieving nothing or just achieving exactly what you achieved last year. You have to go beyond what you have already achieved and you must thread new paths! It is important for you to get to new terrains in life. You have to get beyond just earning salaries to paying other people’s salaries. You must now think about creating jobs for others instead of just believing God for a new job! I have said to myself that I am not asking for too much but I want to employ about a million people in my life time! If I employ a minimum of one million people then those one million people will be feeding millions of family members!
This is a time when you have to think about certain things that do not even seem naturally possible but you must believe them! When you d, I know that opportunities will begin to open for you in the direction of your beliefs and the things you say will begin to come to pass!
You need a new kind of faith for a new terrain and you must exercise that faith! Go on and achieve more with your new and higher faith!
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