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Jerusalem, {Nigeria} the nations will see you victorious! All their kings will see your glory. You will be called by a new name, A name given by the Lord himself ~ Isaiah 62:2 GNT
This month as we know is the month of Nigeria’s independence. This affects us greatly because Nigeria is not a geographical location but the people in it. That means you and I are the entity referred to as Nigeria and whatever happens in it affects us in a great way.
If it is well with Nigeria then it will be well with you and I. If all is not well with Nigeria then you and I will not be at peace. Many of us gather in the churches around the country every week but we should know that it is because there is a measure of peace in the country.
We must call this country by a new name as the scripture has said. That was God speaking to us prophetically. We can’t call this country all sorts of names and and expect a good country. Whatever we call it is what it will be. If we want a different country then we must learn to speak prophetically to this nation. A better way to put it is that as you prophesy unto this nation then you are prophesying unto yourself.
Why must we speak good unto this nation and pray for this nation as well? One thing we must note is that this is the nation God has given to us and our children. We must have a heart for this nation, pray consistently that it will be well with it and also expect nothing but the best from the nation.
Psalm 122 from verse 6 to verse 9 tells us to pray for Jerusalem. Our own Jerusalem is Nigeria and take a look at how the Bible says we should pray for our own Jerusalem {Nigeria}: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you prosper.  May there be peace inside your walls and safety in your palaces.”  For the sake of my relatives and friends I say to Jerusalem, “Peace be with you!”  For the sake of the house of the Lord our God I pray for your prosperity ~ Psalm 122.6-9.GNT
Look at that. We were told in scriptures to pray for our nation for the sake of our relatives, friends and the house of the Lord our God. Nothing must go wrong in this nation. If anything affects those people around us and the church of God then it will affect us.
Some people will even say God has forsaken this nation. Can God hear our prays? Have we not been praying? What happened to all the prayers we have been offering? How am I sure that God will still do anything good for this nation?
Well, the Bible says ‘if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land ~ II Chronicles 7:14.NKJV
God has said he will heal our land but we must humble ourselves and pray. Until we pray, God will not heal the land and we must keep praying until God heals this land completely of bad leaders, corrupt officials holding us to ransom, religious extremist killing people daily, the hunger and joblessness in the land.
I pray that in this very month, God will heal our land and we will be able to enjoy God in this very land.
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