No cause for suicide

Though the full moon tarries
The sun sets at dawn
Bringing hope of better tomorrow
The worse the situation,
The happier you find me.
Tomorrow shall come
When tremendous problems
Become stories to be told
To chaps who aspire to be
As great as I.
Frustrated, the melody
And rendition of
Church songs shall be
My companion. Afflicted,
I shall not retaliate, lest there be
Two bad men. Oppressed,
I shall be calm because the road
To greatness is roughest of all
Roads and say to myself;
Tough times never last,
Tough people do.
A resolution
For revolution
Shall be the solution
To my confusion.
Solution to my frustration
Will not be suicide
That will cut short
A generation of achievers
And abridge the history
Of a nation
When starving, I smell
The aroma from my neighbour’s kitchen.
I say to myself that I shall one
Day taste the stuff that afflicts my nose
By that aroma, and there shall be
No cause for suicide.

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