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While there are a few people who are struggling to get their first job, there are some who are changing jobs every time just because they are looking for easier jobs or jobs that will come with no stress. Maybe I also need to ask, what’s your definition of an easier job? Is it a job that gives you more income and less task? Would it be the job where your boss does not stress you? For an entrepreneur, would it be a job where you do a little and make a lot of money? You may have to stay clear of your mirage for an easy job because no job will truly be easy. They all come with some challenges or some sacrifices that you have to make.
I have seen some people who move from one job to another so quickly that you wonder what is going on. These are people who are not in contract employment and are probably well paid so you wonder what the issue might be. When you get to meet them then you will hear all sorts of stories about why the previous jobs were hard. In another 4 months they are already telling you why the present job is hard and they want another job that will be easy.
I have been in a couple of jobs myself even while still doing personal business. Of all the things I hate about any job, I can cope with a lot but not a terrible boss. Unfortunately there are many of them out there. What I have eventually learnt is the fact that no job will be as easy as you probably expect. All jobs, including your personal business will come with some challenges. You will have to be disciplined in your personal business and put yourself under pressure or deadlines to get things done. If you don’t do that then you will not be in business for too long.
The advice I can give to you about changing jobs is simple. If you want to change from one job that you claim is hard to another, let it first be on the basis of competence. If you find it difficult to work well in an environment and you know that you can function well in another department, please ask to be moved to that department. If there is no room in that department then you might consider another company. If you don’t move early enough to a place where you will be more competent, then it means you are waiting to be fired.
Apart from the issue of competence, every job will come with a challenge. You may have to deal with a difficult boss, a difficult co-worker, traffic on your way to work, high, and  maybe unreasonable, targets given by your supervisors, not enough tools to work with and many more! You will have to brace up for some of these challenges. For me as an author, it requires some discipline to wake up and write on daily basis. Nobody will fire me if I don’t write but that will not give me the future that I picture as a successful author and speaker. It is the same for you if you run a personal business where no supervisor is on your neck everyday.
Rather than just looking for the easier job, you should increase or develop your competence or move to a place where you current competence makes it easy for you to always deliver. Work on this because no job really comes easy!

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