No money for lecturers; Enough money for 2011 election

No money for lecturers; Enough money for 2011 election
In the last two weeks lecturers of Olabisi Onabanjo University have been on strike over 5 months salary arrears from the state government where politicians are already beginning to talk about elections in 2011. The lectuerers embarked on what, for now has become, normal warning strike to register their displeasure with the state government but the governor of the state was reported to have said that he does not have money to pay lectuerers.
The extended implications of the refusal to pay salaries are numerous but some that easily come to mind include the unnecessary delay on the academic progress of the students who are supposed to have only four academic sessions but now would have about fours years or more. That’s the normal period for some serious minded institutions to conclude about five or six academic session. While I was a student and was affected by some of the irrational and selfish decisions of politicians, I found people who gained admission after me graduating and doing their national youth service before me.
Some of the questions that come to mind include ‘how can people refuse to pay lecturers and expect them to work?’How can people say they do not have money for salaries but they have enough money to organize political meetings and strategize for the next elections? There are so many other questions that come to mind but I want you to think about those ones on your own.
It is time for Nigerians to be decisive and stop deceiving ourselves. We call people leaders and all they think about is money and their personal pockets. We trust people so much that we empower them and cannot make them account for the power we gave to them. We now need to change our attitude towards empowering people or entrusting people with power. We must not give people power when they will not account for them and we must begin to question people who are not accounting for the power they already have.
These are leaders who are holding our educational sector to ransome and they claim they will change the country. They are impeding the progress of lecturers and they expect the standard of education to improve! You and I have a choice on what to do. What are you going to do?

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