Not destined to be poor | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Have you ever thought that you were destined to be poor? Why did you conclude that you were destined to be poor or how did you arrive at that conclusion? Maybe you have seen certain things in life or you have found it so difficult to get a steady cash flow but does that mean you were destined to be poor?
I remember reading a book ‘Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude’ by Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill some years back and they share a story about a family in that book. It was about a young man who though that his family was destined to be poor. Obviously the young man must have been thinking about it for a while and would have wondered why they couldn’t get rich. Maybe after a while when he just could not explain their poverty, he said ‘it is God’s wish for them to be poor.’
When he said this to his mother, the mother immediately rebuked him and said to him, ‘don’t let me ever hear you say it is God’s wish for us to be poor. It is your father that has never desired to be wealthy.’ Now that was a simple statement from the mother to the child but I know so well that was a liberating statement. If the woman had not made that statement, the young boy would have gone around with that belief and would never aspire for anything big or anything that can take him out of poverty.
The same applies to many of us. We may have been born into poor homes and may not have gotten any good stuff to brag about. We may even have grown up in slums or ghettos but that does not mean it was God’s intention for you to remain there. That was only your entry point into the world.
Since the situation you have found yourself in is only your entry point into the world, you can change your position. You can move from one point to another and stay in your desired position. You can work hard and become rich or learn from very smart people who do things in a legitimate way so that you can get out of poverty.
There is no such thing as being destined to be poor. You may have been born poor but it is your choice to remain poor. You may also be born rich and when you are not careful can become very poor and wretched. Where you started from is no fault of yours but where you end up is absolutely your responsibility.
Life comes with some circumstances that we obviously can’t control but it does not leave us without a choice. So if you have been poor until this moment and you have also thought it was your destiny to be poor, I dare you to drop that destiny that says you are meant to be poor. You have a choice in your destiny. You can decide to walk out on poverty.
Let’s not always blame our lack of will on some myth and some powers that seem to go beyond our control. Remember the popular saying, ‘you can become whatever you choose to be’ and get to any height in life with that!

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