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According to the law, no one can restrict you from choosing any business partner that you so desire to work with. But according to business strategy, you need to know that it is not everyone you can work with. As much as I understand the frustration of some people in getting someone to partner with or someone to invest in their ideas, it must also be said that if you push people to hard into being a part of what you want to do, they may become the very cause of your business’ failure.
If you want people to invest in what you do, let it be a voluntary investment or partnership and do not cajole people or blackmail them into partnering with you. At some point you will find someone who naturally loves your strength and energy, likes the way you operate and you will not have to struggle to get such people on board as your partner.
In deciding who to partner with, you must be guided by experience, insight and also revelation. I say you must be guided by experience because you can lose all to partners if you are not smart and experienced. Some people have gone into partnership without documents or any other proof of the agreement entered into before the partnership began. Now they have been cheated and there is no way they can even defend themselves. That is a part of experience. Insight becomes relevant in choosing a business partner or even an investor when you are trying to take a look at the future of the business and not just the prospect that the business is showing you immediately. Some people may bring very juicy offers to you and ask you to partner with them. By the time you take a look at what they have to offer, it will be irresistible but by the time you get on board you are in trouble. Revelation will make it a lot easier for you because there are certain things that experience and insight cannot show you. It is only through what is revealed to you that you can take the right actions.
Don’t get so desperate for a partner right now because you want to succeed and then enter into agreements with partners who are more concerned about their personal interest rather than achieving the common goals you have set already. There is nothing you are struggling for today that will not come to you cheaply at some point! You also need to remember that when your business ideas fail, nobody will remember that you had partners. They will only remember that you started something, made some wrong choices and you failed. When the business also succeeds, a lot of people will never know or remember that you have partners who made it possible. They will only remember that you had dreams, shared the dreams and now they have become real.
Don’t just say that you need a partner in business and then you jump at every partner you see. Some partners will land you in trouble with the government if you are not careful. Some other partners will ruin you personally so much that you will have nothing left. Take things easy. Calm down a little. Take a good long look at the ideas for which you are seeking partners. Be really sure you want partnership from the people you are choosing. When people turn you down don’t be angry! Just move on with your life and look for another person who will listen to you and help you get things done.
Remember that even your own ideas are special and you cannot just let anyone come rule over them or even take over. You will sometimes run from partnership if you hear some of the terrible experiences of others. So, just take it easy because not everyone can become your partner! The right one will eventually come if you really need a business partner or investor. Don’t take actions today that you will regret in the future! Wait patiently for a worthwhile partnership and you will be glad you did!
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