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I always want to see people fulfil their purposes in life. Beyond that, I also take a good look at what may be posing a major challenge to them in their life pursuits. Some of them look like flimsy excuses but there are others that can pose a real threat to the fulfilment of their purposes in life. One of such is being confused about what to do when you have a plan and family members think another thing is right.
It gets more complicated when you must obey them and rely on them for financial and moral support to see anything through. Even if you don’t have to rely on your family for financial support, their moral support for what you are doing is still very important so it really becomes a problem for many when you passionately want to do something and others thing you need to do another thing.
This was a phase for me too at some point. I wanted something and there were others who thought something else was best for me. They think that what I wanted to do was really good but that I didn’t have to throw in my full weight. The suggestion turns out to be something borne out of financial security concerns much more than it was about succeeding. Financial security is their definition for success anyway.
Permit me to remind you of what you already know deep down within you. What will give you happiness in life is not what they think is right. What you know is right and you are so comfortable with doing is what will give you happiness. You may not be right about everything. You have to seek wise counsel but you must never give up the pursuit of your passion or purpose because of concerns raised by others on financial security or what they think is right for you.
The alternative they are offering you will always look good and look right. You will have some challenges along the way that will make you consider taking those alternatives but on the long run, you will realize that there is nothing compared to that thing you find your passion in or what defines your purpose.
If for a start you choose to follow the suggestions of others on what they think is right, ten years down the line do you think you will still like that path? You also have to remember that people can push you until you do what they want you to do but they will never be responsible for the consequences of what happens after. You will always be the one who bears the brunt. You will always take care of the consequences of your decision.
When I remember that I am the one to bear the consequences, I simply start taking responsibility from the spot where I have to make choices. So I make the choices I will not regret even if it does not please others but some people make the choices they will regret just to please others.
Wake up right now and see that what they think is right for you may only be right for a while. The questions is, ‘what will be right at this moment, be right tomorrow and will always be right for you? Think on the choice to either please others or follow your dreams and remember the possible results that you have to live with some years down the line. Don’t make that mistake that you will not be able to correct. Decide now!
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