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We are all blessed but not with the same gift and a great understanding of that is enough reason not to envy the gifts of other people. I think it is okay to learn the skills that other people have. While doing that, you should still bear in mind that you will never be able to do it as well as those who are wired to do it, provided they are putting in the required hours of practice to perfect their skills.
You should look at other people to see what they are doing and to learn from them but not to want to be like them. They have been blessed with something and you have also been blessed with something. The reason we all are not blessed with the same gift is because we have to be gifted in different areas and we all will eat in different fields.
Worthy of note is the fact that if we all had the same gift then we will become useless to one another. You can’t be relevant to me if all you do is what I do. I cease to be relevant to you when I leave what I am doing and want to do exactly what you are doing. Sometimes, I think that’s one of the major problems with multi-level marketing. It is not a wrong thing to do but the way some people go about it is wrong. Everyone wants to get into it and at some point there is no one to sell the product to. At the end of the day, some programmes like that have crashed and people got into trouble.
Have you forgotten that you were created uniquely? You had to be different not because God couldn’t do an exact replica of what he already did. You had to be different because of where you are going in life and that is why you were not born or blessed with the same gift.
Please understand that your gift makes you relevant. And the gift that will make you relevant is something you probably already have. I hear people form the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria giving a proverb when a child is born. It often goes to the parents of the child who might be afraid of the rising bills because of the new child. They always say that the child has brought what she’s going to eat from heaven. While that does not sound realistic, I think there is another meaning to it now.
In one light, I agree that the child has brought from heaven what he or she will eat because we were all blessed with some innate abilities. Those innate abilities that we were born with are the things we need to convert to resources or the wealth that we want.
It’s okay to admire the gift of others. You can tell those people whose gifts you like how good they are but you should never envy them for their gifts. They may have become more famous or gotten some rapid promotion for their gifts. It is still not a reason to envy them. Some people will also make money so quickly because of their gift. If you decide to abandon your gift and follow theirs, you just might be signing up for troubles.
Your own gifts are with you and they can fetch you everything that you need in life if only you are ready to stick to them. Do not think that what you need is the gift in another man. You have just what you need and all you need to do is to work with that.
Even when others have gone ahead of you, there is room for overtaking and you can do that with your own gift. You will become whatever you choose to be, regardless of what others have become. The important thing is to remain relevant with your own unique gift. It is the fact that you were not born with the same gift that makes you relevant! Stay with your gift, cherish it and work with it.

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