On Eagles’ wings: an end to struggles | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

‘You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself. – Exodus 19:4
You need to understand that before God bore the Israelites on eagle’s wings, they were under the yoke of the Egyptians. They suffered so much. When Moses went to talk to Pharaoh about allowing the children of Israel leave, Pharaoh did not let them leave. Instead, he made their burdens harder.
When God got them safely out of Egypt, they did not even have to work for what to eat. At different times in their journey, God miraculously provided for them what they were going to eat. They went on for days and they did not lack anything. God met all their needs, yet they did not do any serious work compared to their struggles in Egypt. Sometimes they woke up and found food at their door step. They even wondered what the food was.
Before God carried them on eagle’s wings, they laboured for everything. They had to go out daily to work under the strict supervision or terrorising act of the Egyptians. When God carried them on eagle’s wings, they only had to follow instructions and they got whatever God had already prepared for them. That is what happens when God bares you on eagles wings. Things can come to you cheaply while others are struggling for it.
In the same light, when you look at the life of an eagle you will see that the eaglet being carried does not suffer. It stays on the wings and still gets to anywhere it needs to get to. I believe that the mother eagle will also take it to the place where it will get food to eat and any other thing that it needs.
If you will just be calm and let God bare you on eagle’s wings, He knows exactly where you need to be and he will get you there. He knows what you need and who you need so he will bring them your way.
When an eaglet is being carried, it does not have to use its wings even though it has wings. It is the mother eagle carrying it that will use its own wings. You may say that speaks of effortless progress. I pray for you today that God will cause you to experience effortless progress in the name of Jesus.
If you have been struggling before, an end has come to every struggling in your life in Jesus name. Don’t take for granted the fact that God greatly loves you and that is why he said he bares you on eagle’s wings. He wants every struggling to seize in your life and he wants you to progress effortless. Beginning from today, that is what you will experience in Jesus name.

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