On the road to destiny | (C) Fola Daniel Adelesi

On the road to destiny | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
I was driving one day with my fiancée in the car and she was trying to get my attention but there was very little of my attention that she could get. What she was saying was very important but I figured that for my safety and her safety I should focus more on driving than what she was saying so I had to tell her to allow me concentrate and I promised to listen to her when I get home. Understandably, she changed the topic to something else that did not require too much of my attention while I was driving.
If she had refused to understand the fact that it was important for me to focus on the driving or if I had attempted to drive and listen to her at the same time, I might hit someone else on the road or the two of us might as well end up in the hospital. I didnt want the two of us ending up in the hospital or even hitting anyone on the road so what I mainly did was to keep looking at the direction I was driving towards.
Many of us are on the road to the place called destiny and just like me, there are people with you in the vehicle who are trying to get your attention. Some of them are trying hard to get your attention at all cost not minding the consequences of you losing focus. A number of the people who are trying to get your attention are people who are not in the vehicle with you. There are minor distractions here and there but they have been able to cause major distractions for people on the road to destiny.
Picture a man driving on the road and at the same time looking at a beautiful lady walking on the street then he suddenly hears a big bang! Then next time he opens his eyes he cant explain what happened but knows so well that he is in the hospital. There are so many people who are in the invisible or mental hospitals today having crashed on the road to destiny.
What are those things that are trying to get your attention at all cost on the road to destiny? Now you really need to stop and have a check list for those things that do not mind the consequences of you losing focus and even crashing on the road to destiny. In case you do not know some of those things then I had like to help by listing some of them.
1.Those who said to you its not the perfect timing to start the journey
2.Those who think and are trying to convince you that you should not continue the journey.
3.Those who are telling you to relax, take a break from the journey of destiny and have fun.
4.There are those who are saying to you that you are a lone ranger on this path so it is not the right path that you ought to be taking.
5.A few people are presenting goodies that you do not need to you and their goodies will end up giving you complications when you start out on the road to destiny.
6.Some others, while you are on the road to destiny and you decide to take a short break, want to engage you so much that you will lose focus of time and have you running behind schedule.
Just as we have so many advertisement signs on our physical roads, there are so many advertisement signs on the road to destiny. It only takes people who know what they are doing and where they are going before they can differentiate between relevant advertisements and the irrelevant ones.
There is one other big place where a lot of people also miss it on the road to destiny! Just as we have physical signs and symbols on our roads, there are such signs and symbols on the road to destiny. Here in the real world, when you are driving without an understanding of the road signs, you are bound to break the traffic rules and probably put some people in danger or even kill people. On the road to destiny there are road signs too and when you do not understand them, you break all the traffic rules that should help you get to your destiny place safely. The only difference here is that on the road to destiny, you are more likely to crash when you break any traffic rule by either ignoring a traffic sign deliberately or as a result of ignorance.
Ask yourself, how many distractions are you paying attention to on the road to destiny? Are you focusing on the journey or on the distractions? There are only two things that can happen to you on the road to destiny. You either crash or you arrive safely. If you want to crash, face the distractions. If you want to arrive safely, face the road to destiny only!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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