One big mistake of job hunters | Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are many job hunters out there who are absolutely qualified and they should be getting jobs easily. Sadly, they keep repeating a very serious mistake that’s not allowing them get jobs they are qualified for. I know a few of these job hunters and I have also seen several CVs from people who just want a job.
For a few years I’ve tried to communicate in simple terms to some people that it can be easy to get a job and it can also be difficult to get a job. Sometimes, it’s not the certificate that you have or don’t have that’s getting in the way of that job. Some others think their years of experience is the problem. I can say that in many industry, the years of experience is not really the big deal.
Let us first of all establish the fact that there are Jobs out there. I know this for sure because I’ve seen employers looking for people to fill various vacant roles. I don’t know a lot of these people and I must say this so that I’m not bombarded with CVs as soon as this post goes out but on a daily basis, employers are looking for people.
At another time, I’ll address the fact that there are many employers out there who don’t have a clear picture of what they want. I’ve encountered a number of these too. Maybe that explains why some fresh graduates say there are no jobs and employers keep saying there are jobs but there are no employable graduates.
So let’s come back to a really big mistake that job hunters make while looking for jobs. When some job seekers talk to me and they hope I can help with a job, I immediately ask them what kind of job they are looking forward to. Most of them become confused when they hear this question and almost immediately respond by saying, ‘any job.’ They studied a certain course and have hobbies or interests with no alignment and now they want any job. Things don’t work that way.
Because of the issues in the educational system in Nigeria and other places, people get into the university system and study irrelevant courses just so they have a degree. When they get out of school, they don’t know what to do with the degree or those helping them to look for jobs have no idea what to do with their certificates. Worse still, they throw their CVs into every possible opening with the expectation that one will work and the person will build a career path from there.
Let’s set this straight. The first and the most important thing is that you cannot do any job! Yes, you read that correctly. The corporate world does not take you seriously or think you’re ready when you say I can do anything. That line works with people who know you personally and are simply trying to help you economically. When you want a real job from which you will build a progressive career, you must define the industry you’re going into. There has to be a clear picture for a trajectory you will follow. So when you’re searching, you stay within that desired industry to look for jobs. I must also say that in deciding which industry you’re going to stick with, you should put your passion and skill set to consideration.
Passion will make you look forward to the work and your skill set will keep you relevant on the job. For example, when I finished school and I wanted to look for a few jobs to start with, I narrowed my search to the training and communications sector. The first two jobs I found aligned with communications and the other job allowed me to do communications and training at the same time.
When you focus on an industry, train yourself in that regard or take certifications, it is easier to get the job you’re looking for. When you go online, look for jobs within that desired industry. When you’re networking, you will network with people within your industry of focus. If you decide to build a LinkedIn profile, you’re deliberately connecting with people within that industry.
You have to be seen as a professional within an industry. You can be accepted as a fresh man with little or no experience and you can be accepted as a potential industry expert. Searching for jobs everywhere and anywhere isn’t helping a lot of people and it certainly will do little or no good if you continue that way.
Decide now where you want to belong. I understand people want to keep their options open and make it easier to get a job. This ‘keeping the option open’ hasn’t worked for many and it’s likely to keep hurting you. At best, you can look at two industries where your skill sets fit in and prepare two separate CVs that will help you get into those industries.
While bearing in mind there are other factors that contribute to getting or not getting the job, I’m certain that people to focus more some industries appear to have a better profile and can get jobs faster than those on a wild goose chase.
I should also add that those who don’t have a certain degree or qualification may be okay with looking for just any job. But when you have a degree or any other form of qualification, your job search approach has to be different and mostly likely narrowed.
I hope you stop applying for any and every job which can drain you. I wish you all the best if you’re still job hunting and be kind enough to let me know if this works for you.

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