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‘One cap fits all’ is a phrase I have heard over and over again from different places and I have begun to wonder if one cap truly fits all! When you are to write an examination and you have about 50 questions do you say one answer will answer all the questions? We cannot afford to go through life with the mind of one cap fits all if we are truly going to make things happen or get anything done in life because we will find ourselves in different positions and circumstances that will require different approaches to tackle.
You will never find a solution that works for nearly all the things you will need to fix in life so you should not be deceived by the myth that you can get one solution and make it applicable to all the issues in front of you. One of the things you can do is to have learnt a lesson in what you are going through at the moment and that learn might be able to help you in approaching all other issues you have to face. Remember that I said it will help you in approaching but did not say it will fix all the things you have to face.
Just as life can be so dynamic, you must remember that we are also faced with multifaceted issues and one of the things we can do is to be very flexible in our approach to life’s issues. If we refuse to be flexible then we will constantly meet brick walls because life does not recognize the same solution for all issues.
I think you will do yourself a great favour if you remember that every door in life needs a different key to open it and once you have only one key then you can only open one of the doors in front of you. The only way to go through all the doors effortlessly is for you to get all the keys for those doors before approaching them because you will be wasting a lot of your precious time if you hold unto one key and try to open all the doors. There is even an African saying which reminds us of the fact that your physical appearance is not enough to open any door! If you do not have the key you are not going to enter and we are not talking about breaking the door to get in here! I have said that simply to reinforce the fact that you cannot have just one approach to all life’s issues and expects to have things fixed!
You will need different strategies to get things done as far as business is concerned but your social life will also require an entirely different strategy! If you do not want to be frustrated in life, work hard at being flexible and building different perspectives but always remember that you will be frustrated approaching life with the mind of one cap fits all because one cap can never fit so many heads with different sizes!
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